Who – Another Tricky Day

This was the first album the Who made without Keith Moon called Face Dances. Kenney Jones was playing drums and the album had a substantial hit with You Better You Bet. It was also the first new Who album I ever bought. The other ones had been collections of their older hits. I can’t say that I don’t the Moon version of the Who but the album did have some good songs on it.

This song is one of the best songs off of Face Dances. To my surprise it was not released as a single.

The album peaked at #4 in the Billboard Album Charts, #2 in the UK, and #1 in Canada in 1981.

Roger Daltrey: “Pete’s a very complicated bunch of people… And you never know which one of him you’re going to get. There’s one that’s so wonderful, so caring, so spiritual. But there are others that are horrendous-and I mean horrendous…. That’s the madness of genius, so I accept it. I don’t judge him. I love him. I love all of hims.”

Another Tricky Day

You can’t always get it
When you really want it
You can’t always get it at all
Just because there’s space
In your life it’s a waste
To spend your time why don’t you wait for the call

(Just gotta get used to it)
We all get it in the end
(Just gotta get used to it)
We go down and we come up again
(Just gotta get used to it)
You irritate me my friend
(This is no social crisis)
This is you having fun
(No crisis)
Getting burned by the sun
(This is true)
This is no social crisis
Just another tricky day for you

You can always get higher
Just because you aspire
You could expire even knowing.
Don’t push the hands
Just hang on to the band
You can dance while your knowledge is growing

(It could happen anytime)
You can’t expect to never cry
(Patience is priceless)
Not when you try to fly so high
(Just stay on that line)
Rock and roll will never die
(This is no social crisis)

Another tricky day
Another gently nagging pain
What the papers say
Just seems to bring down heavier rain
The world seems in a spiral
Life seems such a worthless title
But break out and start a fire y’all
It’s all here on the vinyl
(No crisis)

[Repeat verse 1.]

(Just gotta get used to it)
Gotta get used to waiting
(Just gotta get used to it)
You know how the ice is
(Just gotta get used to it)
It’s thin where you’re skating
(This is no social crisis)

Just another tricky day for you fellah


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

24 thoughts on “Who – Another Tricky Day”

  1. I love Roger’s description of Pete. Was it said back then, or more recently? Another Tricky Day was a nice song. I didn’t realize it wasn’t released as a single. It got played on the radio like a single.

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  2. I do remember it a wee bit (though I didn’t recognize the title). “You Better You Bet” and “Squeezebox” were really the only Who tracks that I remember hearing with some regularity on radio when I was young.

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    1. I bought this album…my first new Who album so I know everything on it. It wasn’t a giant hit but a minor hit and I remember the video.


  3. I agree. Great song. It is also my ‘first’ Who album, but only in that my friend played it all the time. The first first goes to It’s Hard, so is it any wonder I still hold that album above almost all the others?

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  4. Nice tune, Max. Except for “You Better You Bet,” which I love, I actually don’t know this album. And since it was called out by deKE, I also just listened to “The Quiet One” – like that one as well. Now, I guess I better listen to the entire bloody album – I better I do! 🙂

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    1. I liked Roger’s book…I wish it would have been a little longer but I liked it. Yep LOL…I know what you mean.


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