Big Star – Jesus Christ

A Christmas power pop song that I wish I heard more of than some of the others. It has a strange 20 second intro but after that the guitar starts and then it’s pure Alex Chilton.

The song is on the Third/Sister Lovers album. The album was recorded in 1974-1975 but wasn’t released until 1978. The album has no theme…it’s all over the map with different style of songs. This song…considered a Christmas song didn’t really stand out on the non-Christmas album because it’s so eclectic. 

Guitarist Alex Chilton and drummer Jody Stephens were the only original two left during this album but they had musicians to fill in. This song was written by Alex Chilton.

Today I will be posting some Christmas shows throughout the day…from here until Christmas…powerpop will be completely Christmas programming.

Jesus Christ

Angels from the realms of glory
Stars shone bright above
Royal David’s city
Was bathed in light of love

Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born
Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born

Lo, they did rejoice
Fine and pure of voice
And the wrong shall fail
And the right prevail

Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born
Jesus Christ was born today
Jesus Christ was born
And we’re gonna get born now

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

24 thoughts on “Big Star – Jesus Christ”

  1. Another brand new one to me! Quite good. They sound British on it somehow. I guess it was another Big Star thing that fell through the slots… too religious or tradtional lyrically for rock radio and too rockin’ for the Christian stations or ones playing the more traditional carols.

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    1. It’s new to me also…I’ve heard it before but didn’t make the connection. A good song that like The Bands…didn’t sound like a Christmas song.


    1. I’m not disagreeing with you…it very well could be a sarcastic song… he was influenced by some gospel becasue I live near where he grew up…it’s in the middle of the bible belt and it’s impossible not to be influenced a little.

      Even if he meant the words he would have never admitted that…and threw in that line….not saying he did. I’ve seen people go both ways…personally I think it was sarcastic…but in the end…it’s how you take it.

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      1. There is a reason I believe not many people use it…live you almost have to take one on the road with you…unless you use it in a lot of songs…it’s a pain

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      2. Well unless they can play something else…think about…Bruce could afford it BUT…now they could just emulate one from a keyboard live.

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