Wait Til Your Father Gets Home…

An adult primetime cartoon in the early seventies. The father is voiced by Tom Bosley who is better known as Mr. C or Mr. Cunningham. In this show, he voices Harry Boyle.

This program was about the Boyle family who had a common-sense father, a loyal wife (Irma), a lazy hippie son (Chet), a progressive thinking daughter (Alice) and a younger more conservative son (Jaime) who predated Michael J Fox on Family Ties.

Harry has conservative views from the fifties but he is not overboard while his two oldest children have no intention of following the rules and morals of their father’s generation. The youngest son is just out for money.

The show also features an ultra-right winged conspiracy-minded McCarthy influenced neighbor (Ralph Kane) who resembled Richard Nixon (to me anyway) and he is always thinking the communists are out to get him and his neighbors.

The show ran 3 seasons from 1972-1974 with a total of 48 episodes.

If you lived in the seventies or if you are a student of that time… you might enjoy it. What I remember most about it was the theme song. I was too young to get the references…I just remember, hey it’s a cartoon and it’s not Saturday morning or a Disney special.

One thing that struck me about this show was the minimalist animation. The backgrounds were simple but effective.

The show is topical just like the show that inspired it…All In The Family.

It is a fun time capsule…and I still watch it from time to time.

wait til adver.jpg

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

17 thoughts on “Wait Til Your Father Gets Home…”

      1. Some people say it’s “dated” but that doesn’t bother me. I mean something done 10 years ago can be called dated…good is good.

        I have had that happen also. I had to order one DVD from the UK years ago because it wasn’t available over here. It is a Buster Keaton doc called “A Hard Act To Follow”…it was worth it.

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  1. Wow, I’d totally forgotten that one, but it does seem familiar, especially that theme song! Think I liked it as a kid but probably hadn’t thought about it for over four decades! Cool flashback!

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    1. Yea that theme song…not a show that at our age at the time would have flown with us too much…it had an All In The Family feel to it…slightly.
      It was good though…I watch it every now and then.


      1. All is good, Max! Great weekend. My brother was in town, had a friend take some family pics, got to see both my sons..will be blogging about it soon, I am guessing. I’m back to work tomorrow night. Will try to catch up on the phone…

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      2. It’s great man…sweating through this World Series… 1988 has been too long ago…it’s time for a Dodger win


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