Kinks – Sleepwalker

I have always liked the late seventies and mid-eighties Kinks. This was one of the first songs I remembered by them.

This is the title song off of the Sleepwalker album. It was released in 1977 and it marked a comeback in America for the Kinks. The last song they released to peak this high was Apeman in 1970.

Ray Davies had just moved from London to New York during this time and had trouble adapting to the 24 hours schedule of New York…and he wrote Sleepwalker about it.

The song peaked at #48 in the Billboard 100 and #54 in Canada.



Ev’rybody got problems, buddy. I got mine.
When midnight comes around, I start to lose my mind.
When the sun puts out the light,
I join the creatures of the night,
Oh yeah.

I’m a sleepwalker.
I’m a night stalker.
I’m a street walker.
I’m a night hawker.

Ev’rybody got secrets that they wanna hide.
When midnight comes along, I take a look inside.
Don’t go talkin’ in your sleep:
I might come in for a peep,
Oh yeah.’

I’m a sleepwalker.
I’m a night stalker.

When ev’rybody’s fast asleep, I start to creep.
Through the shadows of the moonlight, I walk my beat.
Better close your window tight:
I might come in for a bite,
Oh yeah.

When the night time comes, I start to creep.
I prowl around when you’re fast asleep.
I walk around on my tippy toes,
And I get into places that nobody knows.

I’m always around if you wanna meet.
You can find me on almost ev’ry street.
You’ll always get me on the telephone.
I’ll even come to your home if you’re ever alone.

I’m a sleepwalker.
I’m a night stalker.
I’m a street walker.
I’m a night hawker.

Author: badfinger20 (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

15 thoughts on “Kinks – Sleepwalker”

      1. I’m now the oddball because I’m a morning person & am getting more so as I get older. My sweetie has to get up early for work during week but hates it; the kiddo is up til 4 or so most nights (not my choice) & is Grinchly if she has to be up before 11. Even my dad now doesn’ t do much before 11, up north…but he’s in his 80s. Meanwhile I tend to wake up by 6 even without an alarm!

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      2. I envy you I really do. I don’t know if I feel like I’m missing something or what…but I come alive at night.


  1. Super catchy track. Got a lot of time for the album, especially ‘life on the road’ which is about my favourite kinks song. Just have to watch the volume on it as it dynamic as hell and when the guitars kick in they can rip holes in your speakers

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    1. I really like Kinks mid seventies to mid eighties…I love the 60s but I remember these Kinks.
      Oh dude… tomorrow I pick my 3rd album pick on the desert island…stay tuned.

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