Fleetwood Mac – Over My Head

This was the first single off the Fleetwood Mac album released in 1975. This was the first Fleetwood Mac album with newcomers Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

McVie has said that she composed the song using a portable Hohner electric piano in Malibu, California, where she and then-husband John McVie lived after completing a concert tour to promote the previous album Heroes Are Hard to Find.

The song was written by Christie McVie and peaked at #20 in the Billboard 100 and #9 in Canada in 1976.

The single itself was edited…the fade-in intro that appeared on the album version was removed, and louder guitars were added in the chorus. It became their first song to reach the American charts since 1970s Oh Well.

Over My Head

You can take me to paradise,
And then again you can be cold as ice
I’m over my head,
But it sure feels nice.
You can take me anytime you like,
I’ll be around if you think you might love me baby,
And hold me tight.
Your mood is like a circus wheel,
You’re changing all the time,
Sometimes I can’t help but feel,
That I’m wasting all of my time.
Think I’m looking on the dark side,
But everyday you hurt my pride,
I’m over my head,
But it sure feels nice,
I’m over my head,
But it sure feels nice.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

34 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac – Over My Head”

  1. The first song I heard by them. I thought it ok then, and do still now, though I liked “Rhiannon” which followed, better. It was great that they had two different but excellent female singers , plus Lindsay too. Not many bands had that kind of vocal ability or range.

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  2. When I first heard this, I was like “wha….?” I was used to the Peter Green-Danny Kirwan Fleetwood Mac, and had a hard time believing it was the same band. In retrospect, maybe they weren’t…

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    1. I know that is her proper name but I’ve seen her called Christie…since her and I are on first name basis I thought what the hell

      I like this one…this is a skating rink song


  3. My initial intro to Fleetwood Mac was “Rumours,” which I think remains my favorite album. Much later, I explored and have really come to appreciate their early blues phase with Peter Green. The post-Green-pre-Buckingham-Nicks phase also has some great music.

    That being, the “classic phase” with Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks is my favorite one.

    It’s really remarkable how different the Mac have sounded during all these different phases.

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    1. It’s really acool history. They were like different bands. it’s a credit to them that they stayed popular through all of it.
      Saying that…if Lindsey isn’t doesn’t come back… I wish they would do a reunion tour with Green if he is up to it…

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      1. Sadly, I think there’s probably too much bad blood for Lindsey to come back.

        As for playing earlier material, I recall reading somewhere that after Mike Campbell and Neil Finn had joined the lineup, they played some of that music. But of course, the overall focus remained on the more pop-oriented classic era.

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      2. I get it totally on the pop stuff…who can blame them? Have you heard Lindsey’s version of “Oh Well?” It’s with Fleetwood Mac…it’s a live version aroun 1980….really good.

        Monday Morning is probably…for some reason my favorite song by them.

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      3. He is an expert on acoustic. Never Going Back Again and things like that are some of my favorites.
        One of my favorite guitar players is Mike Campbell from Tom Petty…he said he could not master some of those guitar patterns that Lindsey wrote. That says a lot!

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      4. I’ll have to check that out…Big Love. I remember when the song came out…

        Well…I checked it out…great acoustic playing! I think I like it better that way than the band way.

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    1. Love Lindsey’s unique style on guitar and his songs. I have to wonder why Lindsey didn’t have more of a commercially successful career.

      Christine McVie was really good on this album.

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      1. Buckingham’s solo stuff is generally really good – I’ve reviewed most of it on my site. He’s just not a household name – Stevie Nicks is the face of Fleetwood Mac. Plus his first album is one of his weaker ones – Trouble is excellent, but a lot of it sounds like Fleetwood Mac rejects or just trying stuff out.

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      2. I bought the Trouble single way back when. Mike Campbell has said some of those things played by Buckingham he couldn’t master because of his unque style.

        Off topic: Are you going to be in Han’s album draft? I’m in…it will be interesting to write about complete albums. I hope you get to…when he brought it up you were the one that came to mind.

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      3. Thanks… it does sound really good. As soon as the intro began I thought of Never Going Back Again…no not copying it whatsoever but that style/feel he has…it’s got him written all over it.
        That could fit perfectly on their earlier albums.

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  4. I love that song and every other song on the album. The cover I see here doesn’t look like the cover of the album I had. A couple of things I noticed on the video: Christine’s terrible split ends, and Lindsey’s girl shirt. I don’t think either one of them would be caught with them nowadays.

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    1. I’ve always liked Christine. She writes some great pop songs.
      For me it was one of those “Skating Rink” songs.

      She does have split ends! lol.

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