World Upside Down

Well, this post isn’t about pop culture…but come to think of it… in time, this will be part of it. In years to come, anniversary articles of the coronavirus of 2020 will be posted. We are living in a time that will be in history books one day.

You sure learn a lot about human nature in times like this. Go into a grocery store and if someone coughs… it’s like the old EF Hutton commercials…everyone stops and looks. In the south where I live…I can see people wanting to be nice and expressive…but they stop themselves and move on. It’s like we are living in a TV Movie of the Week right now.

Who would think that going shopping would take a tactical military movement?  I guess at this time we do have future pop-culture items like Lysol, wipes, and toilet paper (if you’re lucky) that will remind us of the spring of 2020…hopefully the memory will stop there.

We have learned… Don’t touch your face (that can be hard), be sure to cough in the bend of your arm… not your hand (really hard), and you need to wash your hands before you…do anything…we are learning all sorts of new things.

How long will this go on? Will we learn to appreciate things? Like going to a movie, baseball game, concert, or even a…I don’t know…a simple trip to a store without avoiding everyone.

This is allergy season for some people like me. Itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat equals instant paranoia…hmmm is this a symptom? Is that a symptom? This makes you long for the old days… uh…about 3 weeks ago. Traveling without a worry. When this ends…what is the first thing you will do?

Right now…I’m breaking out my 1970s tv shows, movies, books, music,  and…washing my hands.

I’ll leave you with the Steelers – Cowboys Superbowl from 1979… Why? Because it was one of the great Superbowls and just to see people gathered together again without that other phrase we have learned… social distancing.




Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

57 thoughts on “World Upside Down”

  1. Hang in there, brother! If everybody uses their brain, we can get through this. Yes, it won’t be easy and it’s going to get worse before it will get better. At least we got our music. It’s therapy. Without it I have no doubt I would have checked out a long time ago!

    I know this tune by the great Southern Avenue is more about overcoming cultural and racial differences, but I just remembered it and thought it also fits our current crazy world. BTW, if you don’t know that young band from Memphis, Tenn., I’d encourage you to check ’em out. It’s a cool mix of blues and Stax type soul blended with more contemporary R&B.

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    1. It is an interesting time that is for sure. Oh, yea it’s going to get worse first before it starts getting better.

      Cool song! I have to remember this one. I’ll check more out by them… It sounds old… Great vibe on this one.

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  2. Well said, Max. Crazy times for sure. We need to be careful. We need to do what we can to avoid spreading this. Hopefully it is only for a short time. Find the positive things and avoid the negatives. Take care of yourself, pal.

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      1. I need to venture to the store for a few things. Hoping to be in and out. Will immediately jump in the shower when I get home.

        A bit freaked out because I am actually going to be in the hospital Sunday night. Not really sure what I will be doing yet….but I hate the thought of just being in there!

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      2. I know man. When I go into a store I’m holding a lysol wipe…and getting the hell out as fast as possible.

        Be safe man…talk to you later on.

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      3. I went also…No toilet paper anywhere…After buying what I needed…I went to the front and asked when will toilet paper come in again? She looked around and picked something up from under the counter and it was a pack of 4!!!! I told Bailey who was beside me…Bailey this lady is a real angel….If the hoarders would stop…we would be cool.

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      4. Wow! That was so awesome of her! What a blessing!

        It’s insane out there. Testing results take a week to return, so I sense that when the start coming back, and numbers of positive results start to double and triple…the chaos will grow.

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  3. I appreciate your essay and am glad you and Hans and the rest of the blogging community are here. I’d be feeling really isolated right now if it wasn’t for writing/reading with others. You asked what the first thing I’m going to do: Give my kids and their wife and girlfriend big hugs. My older son works in a hospital and my younger son has stayed at work helping others get set up to work at home. They might come over tomorrow but we’ll meet up outside and take a walk and keep our distances.

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    1. I know Lisa…all of you do help not feeling alone. This is a good outlet. The whole thing is just surreal. I hope the post wasn’t depressing…I was trying to be a little comical but the more comical I tried the more real it got.
      It is a surreal situation. I am glad all of you are there… it’s nice to communicate.

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  4. It’s all SUPER hard. Every time I go into the grocery store, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands. To top it all off, we’re moving this coming Friday. I’m not sure whether to cancel the movers or not. I like your idea about the 70’s shows. I will have to do the same. They always make me feel better.

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    1. Oh goodness about moving. Yea…I would consider changing the dates. I hate saying that because I’m stubborn and I don’t like something like this to win…but yea… I would unfortunately.

      Yes the grocery store…you pretty much have to assume everyone is infected….which sucks. I’m not programmed like that.

      They make me feel better…I watched Happy Days and Barney Miller today.


  5. You did good. It will be interesting to look back on all of this.

    I go to the store, I get what I need, when I can find it and, I’m just not worrying about it. I wash my hands as much as I ever have and I’ve carried hand sanitizer for years (a slightly germaphobe Virgo…LOL). I’ve taken protective measures for Ken and I have a healing arsenal if things get ugly.

    We will move forward and I hope we become better people for it…not worse.

    Done with the latest batch but, your DW715 MKV has no sound. Luckily, your DW715 MP4 did (duplication).

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    1. Not depressing though right?

      We went out and got…drum roll….toilet paper!!!!! lady had one behind the counter…if I didn’t already tell you.

      I would hope we would appreciate things a lot more. I did the same thing…washed like crazy when I got back.

      The 8th is ready for you under the JS one.
      I’ll get FF together now. I have them all.


      1. I don’t want any of the new one. I’ve seen enough to know, it sux. Some Capaldi episodes suck, too. The SJWs got into Capaldi’s era…like Bill constantly reminding everyone she was gay.

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      2. lol…I’ll get you a list of movies soon….one I would strongly recommend is Life On Mars…it’s only 16 episodes long…great show.

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  6. Hey Max it was good to read your reflections about the Corona Virus. Certainly we haven’t lived in times comparable to the these. Perhaps psychologically you could draw connections to 9-11, but COVID 19 seems particularly more menacing not just in terms of threats to global health (physical and mental), but because the economy as we know will be trashed. I just hope anarchy and violence isn’t a consequence of quarantining.
    Hopefully this virus is just a dress rehearsal and Governments and Organizations can learn to prepare and prioritise (stockpile resources) for such emergencies in the future. The ‘just in time’ minimal Government neo-liberal economies are going to get a big wake up call from this. Despite Bill Gates and other tech guru’s warning about epidemics and virus’ years ago nobody heeded the warning. I know it blindsided me too.
    I hope this message finds you and your family well. I always enjoy reading your posts. I took a break from mine a while ago. I don’t know why, but my motivation waned. Cheers from Bogota.

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    1. Businesses are being tested that is for sure. It will get worse before it gets better… Many will not survive this.

      I sure hope the goverments learn from this. I also hope people learn to appreciate what they have and each other.

      Matt I hope you and your family are doing well. We are doing fine right now.

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  7. I’m already realizing just after 2 days of official quarantine here how much I took going outside and enjoying the sun for granted.

    There is talk that there are existing medications that seem to be working (more for mild cases) so far in clinical trials. I just hope they can get something going that’s effective until a vaccine arrives otherwise it’s Italy on repeat in many other places.

    Thanks for your warm words. All is good here buddy, safe and well up to this point. Cheers.

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  8. Well written, Max, I agree with you. Never thought we’ d see people lining up for toilet paper 2 hours before stores open in this country. We will surely remember these times for the rest of our lives.
    For last week we’ ve been trying to take off outside clothes when we come in & change to inside clothes…of course washing hands a whole lot. We got a box of cheapo platic gloves- almost like Saran wrap ones- I’ve worn them last few times I went into grocery store or need to use touchscreen display at cash.
    What freaks me out is how quickly this is all happening. Two weeks back seemed to most of us there were only a few cases here & limited danger…now…
    Kiddos store is closed for at least 2 weeks now & my sweetie, in customer service/problem rectification for a large co. begins working from home tomorrow. They even gave her an oversized monitor to use here in case her laptop can’ t have enough tabs open on-screen.
    Hope you & yours all stay safe & we can shop if we want to, watch baseball games that aren’ t reruns soon!

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    1. Thanks Dave… I didn’t mean to pull you back here but I didn’t care if you missed the other posts but I wanted you to see this one. Then I saw you write on that parallels 9/11.
      It went from 0-100 when Trump gave the speech that night. Everything shot into orbit. I hope people will have a new appreciation for events and each other.

      I’m working from home tomorrow also…probably the rest of the week.

      All of you stay safe as well…

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      1. no problem at all, I’m glad I read this – I don’t subscribe to many blogs but sometimes yours still get lost in the “feed” there. Hope work from home is going fine for you so far! take care!

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      2. Well thanks Dave. I don’t like telling people look at me look at me lol. I appreciate you reading it.
        Home is going good so far. It’s nice not having to use wipes and Lysol when I touch something.


  9. One of my favorite questions in the past nearly 20 years now to ask older folks who have been through both events has been what was the bigger event/ impact on America the JFK assassination or 9-11. I am afraid this is going to end up topping both of them. I had always hoped that in our lifetimes we would never have to face a Civil War, Great Depression or World War II. I am afraid this is going to be a game changer on those levels.

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    1. Now unfortunately Bailey has a reference point to 9/11. I told him you will be asked about this the rest of your life like I was about 9/11 and the Cold War.

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      1. That is what is not being talked about as much obviously…personally, I think it will but it won’t be overnight. People will be itching to get out and spend but nothing to spend.

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      2. The quicker this ends- the better! This will also be a game changer- how long before people feel comfortable again in big crowds- like sports events or concerts? .. Are you getting cabin fever? I am fine myself-being at home. I can always find ways to keep myself entertained.

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      3. I am totally fine at home. I binged watched Adam 12 last night. Work has kept me very busy. They had to lay off a lot of people so I’m not complaining.

        Every public surface will have to be scrubbed and yes it will take a while before people start being close anymore. I do have a feeling it will have long term effects on some people on how they interact.

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      4. I agree with you on all that.. They were showing them a couple weeks ago cleaning the subway cars in NYC- which makes me wonder how often they do that normally? From my experiences on subways probably very rarely! This all certainly gives me a different outlook on a lot of things.

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      5. There are rumors that gas pumps have been spreading it also….which makes sense…things we would not think of. It ill be a different world to some extent. Maybe to the better if they keep cleaning subways lol.


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