37 Years Ago Today

Where were you on February 28, 1983? It’s very possible you were watching the final M*A*S*H episode. I was one of the 106 million that tuned in.

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen – The last episode of Mash. The show was so strongly anticipated that commercial blocks were sold higher than for the Superbowl that year… from Wiki…  It still stands as the most-watched finale of any television series, as well as the most scripted watched TV show.


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Author: Badfinger (Max)

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24 thoughts on “37 Years Ago Today”

      1. I hated Hawkeye going insane at the time…I was 17…but that scene was done really well…I rewatched it last year…
        Dang Eden…I’m getting old.


  1. I remember watching it because of the significance in my mind but, don’t remember the episode.

    We’re all getting old. And, in Feb. 1983, you were 16. I’ve got four months on you and I was still 16. I wasn’t 17 until Aug.

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      1. No it won’t happen again like that- even big show ending episodes like Game Of Thrones- The Sopranos – Breaking Bad- weren’t in that ballpark as far as viewers.

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      2. these days a show that pulls in 10 million is considered a runaway smash… although it’s getting difficult to measure because of all the streaming options and different devices etc. Nielsen must be having a hard time trying to compile ratings these days

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  2. Think I saw it at the time, but I was young. It’s a show I wouldn’t mind getting back into – watched it quite regularly then, but I was way to young to understand a lot of the context and subtleties. Definitely a good , well-written work.

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  3. I can’t remember the date, but I suspect it aired here long after it finished there in the ‘States. I do remember watching the last episode and feeling rather depressed about it, but I did think it was very well done – if a little over the top (over-dramatic) for that show.

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