Stevie Ray Vaughan – Willie The Wimp

In 1984 Willie M. ”Wimp” Stokes Jr., described as a Chicago underworld figure who was gunned down on the steps of Roberts Motel at 79th Street and Vincennes Avenue. Such a violent death was not unheard of in Willie the Wimp`s social circles-but the style of his funeral was.

Willie’s dad, Willie Morris “Flukey” Stokes gave his son an extravagant goodbye. He was in the same line of work as his son.


If you want to see the coffin with Mr. Stokes inside… you can go to here “Willie The Wimp and Cadillac Coffin.” I didn’t really want to post that.

Bill Carter and Ruth Ellsworth wrote the song after seeing a newspaper column about the story. Bill Carter released his version on his 1985 album Stompin’ Grounds. Stevie Ray Vaughn started to play the song in concert and it was released on his live album Live Alive in 1986.

Stevie was in the upper echelon of guitar players…right along with Hendrix and Clapton.

Willie The Wimp

Willie the Wimp was buried today,
They laid him to rest in a special way.
Sent him off in the finest style
That casket-mobile really drove ’em wild
Southside Chicago will think of him often
Talkin’ ’bout Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin,
Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin

That casket, it looked like a fine Seville
He had a vanity license and a Cadillac grille
Willie was propped up in the driver’s seat
He had diamonds on his fingers and a smile sweet
Fine red suit had the whole town talkin’
Talkin’ ’bout Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin
Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin

Oh, Cadillac to Heaven he was wavin’ the banner
He left like he lived, in a lively manner
With a-hundred dollar bills in his fingers tight
He had flowers for wheels and a-flashin’ headlights
He been wishin’ for wings, no way he was walkin’
Talkin’ ’bout Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin
Yeah, Willie the Wimp and his Cadillac coffin

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

35 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan – Willie The Wimp”

    1. When I wrote this I was going to ask you if you remembered it.
      It got a national column and probably was known more outside Chicago than inside. It’s my guess anyway.


    1. The guy/pimp in 84…it’s odd how close it is. His nickname was Wimp and his name was Willie…but yea for the idea of putting them together…I’m sure.

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  1. That’s a great story…man, with an ending like that it’s a surprise his life wasn’t made into at least a Made For TV movie!
    Vaughn is huge down here in texas. Me, I appreciate his guitar talent but have trouble really getting “into” his music. But it was probably more entertaining to see live – in Canada there’s Colin James, a similar style blues-rock guitarists. Can’t say I liked his records all that much but saw him in concert in a large bar setting and it was a really good show.

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  2. Never knew about this one. He was a GOD in Austin. There were so many copycat types in all the downtown bars, even a 15 years after his death.

    I moved to Texas in July 2002. I went home for Christmas in 2005. While at home, I went shopping at a JR’s and bought a black felt hat…more Outback style than Cowboy but, close enough (I still have it). I took it back to Texas and wore it frequently. My Texan co-workers told me it was my ‘Stevie Ray Vaughn’ hat.

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    1. Austin is the one place in Texas that appeals to me. I know I would like it if what everyone says about it is true.

      You need a big plume to go with the hat! That SRV-Superfly look.


      1. Austin is a very blue city in the middle of a mostly red state. It acts like it is in California. I’m not kidding. They long to be like San Fran and have their own growing homeless population. I lived one county over, just outside of Round Rock (the counties were polar opposites, politically…may have changed by now). It had it’s charm, tho. My first introduction to Whole Foods was…HEADQUARTERS. I still miss Texas. This May, I left nine years ago…after living there for nine years.

        My hat has a small band around the base with some silver-like rivet-type things on it. No feathers. No.

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      2. The music is the reason I have wanted to go there. I did hear it is plain strange…a good strange. I wasn’t sure about the politics but I never thought about it…yea I should have guessed.

        So you would move back if given a chance?

        Oh come on Pimp Victoria.


      3. There is music 24/7. There is wonderful cuisine. When we moved there, there were two very popular bumper stickers:
        Don’t Move Here
        Keep Austin Weird

        When Ken passes, my former buddy and partner, Dave, said “Bring your ass home!” My classmate Hank thought the same. He had a jumping up & down fit when I left (we grew up together in NC & nearly graduated together). I’m seriously considering it. There won’t be much to keep me here in NC.

        *eyes rolling*

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      4. I have a friend who lived out there and says nothing but good things about it. I need to at least visit there one day. It just never seemed appealing BUT…it does have beaches and they are on the Gulf…I wonder how they are like.

        You do have a lot of variety in NC…mountains, country, and beach.

        I’ve heard the Keep Austin Weird…that is a cool one.


      5. The Texan culture is a mixed, diverse one. About 70% of my co-workers were Hispanic descent. Names like Guerrero, Guerra, Rivera…very common, much like Smith & Jones. I learned about the Padre/Madre last name setup. And, most of them couldn’t speak Spanish, either Castilian or Mexican. I had a friend, Federico Cervantez, went by Fred…couldn’t speak a word of Spanish/Mexican.

        I understand that Port Aransas is the high dollar, rich beach. I never went there. I also never made it to Corpus Christi. I spent most of my time Houston-way and I fell in love with Galveston. Hank and his family have lived in La Marque (south of Houston), Spring (north of Houston) and, now, they are just outside of Huntsville (even farther north) in the Sam Houston National Forest area. Conroe is nice and The Woodlands are high-dollar nice.

        We never went any farther south than San Antonio.

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      6. There is some pretty land down there. Houston is not a popular city with me right now…lol just google “Houston Astros” in news.

        My friend did say that about the area. I need to find out where he was located…or remember.
        He talked about he met some super-rich people becasue of oil down there. He had great things to say.


      7. Houston is corrupt on so many levels. I thought NC had bad drivers until I drove around Houston. They’ll do 90/100 on the 610 loop in the hammer lane.

        I guess the Astros are a-kin to the Black Sox, now. I hope the Texans behave.

        Hank took me flying out of Houston Hobby. That was SO cool…went up in a Piper Cub-type plane…puddle jumper.

        Plus, there seems to be something exploding down there about once a month. I’ve lost count.

        I think that is how The Woodlands came about…rich Texans getting away from Harris County/Houston taxes. Montgomery County WAS cheaper…until ExxonMobil moved their corporate headquarters from Irving to Spring. Hank said small Spring grew HUGE and traffic went crazy. I think he lived there around 12 years. So, he built another house farther north.

        He is an engineer and works for Rockwell Automation so, he has worked, indirectly, with/for the oil/gas industry.

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      8. Yea Houston has a well deserved target on their back. A very stupid thing to do… of course to my Dodgers in the WS.

        I’ve only been on one small plane but it was a jet. I’ve never been on something that small.

        So you sure you wanna move back? Things blowing up and bad drivers…


      9. I didn’t live in the Houston area. I just visited a lot. Once Hank moved to Spring, I could drive farther north and not mess with Houston so much.

        Austin traffic is bad but, most of those folks are just stoned. On my way home from work one day, I looked up in my rearview mirror and saw a guy rolling a joint in his car behind me. Saw another guy in the morning shaving with his electric razor at the stoplight. Where Houston drives like Indy, Austin drives much slower and freak the f*** out over weather. Central Texas gets, roughly, 240 days a year of blue skies & sunshine. It doesn’t rain a lot and frozen precip is nearly unheard of. When it does rain, there is so much oil on the road, it can be as slick as ice. It doesn’t rain enough to keep the roads clear of the build up. Those folks don’t do well in rain, much less the cold stuff. In early 2003, there was an accumulation of sleet. The entire city of Austin shut down. They do not (or didn’t back then) have a fleet of trucks for clearing. And, they shut down all of their fly-overs because they don’t want to endanger their first responders. A lot of their highways are built out above other roads.

        Two months before I left Texas, a teen rear ended me on my way to work. It had just started raining and she slid right into me.

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      10. Austin sounds like Nashville when it comes to snow. 1 inch will shut the city down. There will be some idiots out there but not many people try it.
        I would rather deal with stoned people than drunk people…any day. Like you said they just drive slow and head to the local Dominos.
        The weather does sound nice though.

        Nice going away present getting hit.


      11. It took me a while to acclimate. It gets HOT in the summertime…like baking in an oven hot. Houston is more like NC with the humidity. Austin is dryer and the surrounding terrain gathers allergens. Austin’s geography is kinda bowl shaped, backing up into the Hill Country. A lot of people are on allergy meds. I worked with a woman that was married to a federal judge. They moved up from San Antonio and she talked about putting her three sons on meds when they didn’t need them in SA. My house in Round Rock was hard to keep clean as we were surrounded by limestone quarries…another allergen. Made pretty houses and walkways but, lots of chalk material everywhere.

        If I had kept my F250 instead of trading it in for stupid Cobalt, I wouldn’t have suffered so much damage. She had a 4 door Chevy Lumina & ran me into a Mitsubishi Montero. I had just taken possession of the vehicle a week prior. It was my one and only brand new car and, it was never the same. 🙄


      1. Me too. I’ve never really dug the music to be honest. Don’t enjoy listening to him sing, or like the songs much either(!)…but his playing is something else.


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