Star Trek: The Animated Series

I remember this series in the ’70s but I didn’t know much about Star Trek at that time. I started to watch the series a couple of years ago and it is really good. They were able to have more creatures and effects than the original series because of being limited in the effects they could use in the sixties with live-action.

Star Trek: The Animated Series by Filmation premiered in 1973 as a Saturday morning cartoon – four years after The Original Series’ final season.  The series only produced 22 episodes and featured characters voiced by their original actors. It was the first Star Trek series to win an Emmy Award. It would run from 1973-1974

Gene Roddenberry did have full creative control over the series. Not only were the original members involved but the show introduced new crew members with a few alien ones.

The cartoon featured the first appearance of the Holodeck, which would later be used in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

One episode gave fans a deeper look into Spock’s troubled childhood, where he’s bullied for not being a full-blooded Vulcan. This episode’s story was so compelling that decades later filmmaker J.J. Abrams used the same details about Spock for his 2009 movie reboot.

As if I needed another reason to admire Leonard Nimoy…from wiki: Filmation was only going to use the voices of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Doohan and Barrett. Doohan and Barrett would also perform the voices of Sulu and Uhura. Nimoy refused to voice Spock in the series unless Nichelle Nichols and George Takei were added to the cast, claiming that Sulu and Uhura were proof of the ethnic diversity of the 23rd century and should not be recast. Nimoy also took this stand as a matter of principle, as he knew of the financial troubles many of his Star Trek co-stars were facing after the cancellation of the series.

Walter Koenig was the only original member not included because of money but because of Nimoy…the show did buy a script from Koenig so he would be paid also.

If you are a Star Trek fan you will enjoy this. Youtube has some complete episodes if you want to search. Amazon also has the series on DVD.




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17 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Animated Series”

  1. Don’t think I ever knew of that one! Was only a casual Star Trek fan…now I live in a rather Star Wars-obsessed household (not me so much however…) . I think the Star Trek had a good basic theme — if I had endless time I’d probably try to look it up and watch the series now that I’m an adult. I once read a conspiracy theory, more or less, that says that several world leaders had a summit with E.T.s back in the ’50s and somehow Roddenberry sat in (no idea why he would be invited were such a thing to happen) and what they were told about life on other planets inspired him to create it. Seems unlikely but just barely logical enough to merit thinking about.

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    1. That is a good theory…never heard that one. I love the original series and this one is very good…since the original is voicing them…it’s really good.

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  2. Oh, yeah. Remember this. I was raised in a Star Trek house. It debuted in 1966 when I was just days old but, if there were reruns in the following years, I saw them. My dad was a Star Trek NUT. He loved to quote Spock. He loved the cartoons, too.


    1. When I have exhausted the original series…that I have watched so many times…with the exception of “Spock’s Brain” one time was enough for that one. I go back and watch these.

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  3. I remember one of the episode, the Devil was actually one of the the good guys

    In addition to the force from Star Wars, Star Trek series especially Star Trek: The Next Generations have always been my top of the list for space related entertainment.

    And some of the principles of the Starfleet, Captain Picard’s style of leadership have indirectly influenced my style of people management as well. When I stuck with an issue, I always ask myself – what would Jean-Luc would do in my situation?

    Here’s my comparison between 2 series – The Next Generations and The Voyager:-


    1. Thank you for commenting…I’m sorry but this got caught in the spam folder… I’ll check the links out and sorry about the late reply.


      1. Thank you and no worries – it was my mistake of putting 2 links which made it tagged as spam. I would appreciate it if you could tag my comments as “not spam”


  4. I recently watched all 22 episodes and found it to be a 70s gem that was an interesting look into the uneven history of Star Trek. There was some good storytelling but you had to wade through a lot of bad to find it. The animation was crude and the series struggled to find an audience-was it for kids or adults?

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      1. Yesteryear and The Slaver Weapon were my favorites. There were so many continuity mistakes in the animation and there should be a drinking game for how many times the same footage was used of Spock looking into a viewfinder on the bridge!

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      2. LOL… that would work!
        The animation at the time gave them the freedom to do things they weren’t able to do on the series…but the budget was really low. Nimoy threatened not to do it unless the other part of the cast was hired…I just wish the budget would have been higher.

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