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I’m starting a baseball-only blog because there are some things that most of the readers here could care less about…like which baseball prospects I like the best, or how I don’t like interleague play as much as some and why I don’t think the National League should adopt the DH role.

I won’t be posting much on that one…only once in a while but anything baseball goes…past, present, and future. I’ll try to keep all the posts to the point like they are here. So if you are a baseball fan come and visit…if not I’ll talk to you here.

If you are interested the link is

Sorry for the interruption now we will return you to our eclectic song and pop culture selections.

Thank You All.



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41 thoughts on “New Baseball Blog”

  1. I liked inter-league play back when they started it but quickly soured on it. Go back to the way it was- and balanced schedules for every team in baseball.

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    1. I don’t mind the regional matchups…ok if they want to do that…Dodgers-Angels etc…I don’t see it as a big thrill though…The World Series isn’t as special if they have just played in the season…and that could very well happen.

      I would be happy if they completely done away with it.

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      1. Hard to get excited over say a Pirates- Mariners match up or a Dodgers-Orioles. no history there. The regional stuff like a Pirates-Indians- Dodgers- Angels make more sense.

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      2. Not a fan of interleague play either, though I fully understand its need with the 30 team league. If they expand to 32, you could have 16 teams in each league and thus could have no need for interleague to keep everyone playing on a given day. A few rivalries (two New York teams, KC-STL, two Chicago ones) are real and probably exciting but most are dull. And of course, Boston, toronto, a few others don’t HAVE a true ‘rival’ so we’re stuck with a Boston-Atlanta , Toronto-Philly matchup for about 8 games a year no one cares about.

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  2. Love it. My wife and I are die hard fans. Our proof? We’re Rockies fans and still hit over a dozen games a season, haha! She likes to score games, and I’ve come to appreciate its art form. According to our upper management, there won’t be many changes to our loser team next year, but we will watch anyway because we love the nostalgia and stats. Go anyone but the Dodgers!!!

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    1. That looks like a beautiful park there. I’ve never been there. They were really good last year…hard to get good pitching there.
      LOL… Well I disagree with you in the last part! I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1977! My father was a fan…I go and see them in Atlanta and Cincy when they come to town.

      What I wouldn’t give for Nashville to have a MLB team. I would trade the Titans for any MLB team in a heartbeat.

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      1. Coors Field is absolutely breathtaking and the main reason the Rox continue to bring in the dough (it’s worth every loss).

        You gotta stay with your team. And, yup, it’s all about pitching, and besides your amazing offense, you guys know how to close games. I just wish we’d invest in one good closer over here.

        Good luck in the playoffs. At least the Red Sox aren’t involved, haha!

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      2. It looks terrific… The pitching looked great last year…then this year it went south. It’s hard to entice pitchers there because of the elevation. I HATE when the Dodgers have to play there. It’s like a stadium of horrors…no lead is safe for any team…BUT other times it can be normal.

        The Dodgers were over matched last year with the Red Sox totally. If they are lucky enough to be in the World Series and it’s the Astros…I don’t see the Dodgers winning…but that is why they play the games.

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    2. But I will add…on the blog….it will not be a Dodgers only thing…it will be anything from Babe Ruth to Mike Trout…to Todd Helton!


  3. I bet your baseball blog will be popular. I listen to most of the Royals’ games (*sob*), and attend our local minor league games, but I know very little outside of that. So I suspect your blog will be over my head, … because true baseball fans really know their stuff!

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    1. I’m glad they won 2015. I was so happy for that franchise that they won that year. As a kid watching a Royals game on tv…I loved the waterfall in centerfield…and George Brett was great…for me being a Dodger fan…1988 when I was 21 years old was the last time they won.


      1. The 2015 (and 2014) team was special. Two players from that team were playing for the Brewers last night, so I was rooting for them, but that ended quickly. George Brett is awesome. What a boatload of memories from his career. I remember when the stadium was built. I’m amazed that the water features are still loved, and it’s great. When I lived in eastern KS, I used to get to a Royals game once a year or so, but now I haven’t been to a game in ages. Each year I vow to get there, and each year the season ends before I do. Sigh. I do have a selfie with Brett Saberhagen from when he came here a few years ago. 🙂 This is what amazes me about legit baseball fans…you know all of this about the Royals, and the Royals aren’t your team.

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      2. I rooted for them in the 70s and 80s. I just love good baseball and they were a great team then. Patek, Mayberry, Brett, Wilson etc… I hated the Yankees with a passion and the Royals just couldn’t beat them when it counted for a while…but then finally they broke through.

        Now that is cool about Saberhagen. He was a great pitcher for while there. I’ve said this a thousand times but I would trade Nashville’s NFL team The Titans for any….any MLB team…but we do have the Sounds which is cool.
        Yea…I’m a geek lol

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      3. Those were golden years with those Royals players. I don’t know if you remember Cookie Rojas, but supposedly he is coming here with our new Triple-A team next spring. I’m almost as excited about that as having affiliated baseball here. :p I don’t know about wishing for an MLB team in town; of course I’d love it. But I really like the casual fun of attending the minor league games. It’s a bona fide Bull Durham experience. I forget that Nashville has the Titans; the Predators too. To me that means they could support an MLB team. Maybe it’s not too far off.

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      4. Yes I do remember Rojas and that is great that he is going there. Always loved his name…how can you not? I remember him as a player barely.
        My wife loves minor league games more than MLB…It is a different experience I will say that and I do enjoy it.

        I’m crossing my fingers about it coming here .

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      5. for some reason I can’t put my finger on, in the pre-Jays era, as a kid, KC were my favorite American League team, Cinci my fave in the NL. Don’t know why since I was living in Ontario, but I did like those Royals back then,young George Brett, Splitorff, Mayberry and so on.

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    1. Ah it will be softballs lol. It will be nice having an outlet for it. Lately I can’t come up with anything…before I made it I had all sorts of ideas.

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  4. I have to agree on the fact the NL should NOT adopt the DH. It’s literally the only thing that separates the 2 league’s. How about the ALLSTAR Game? It means nothing now. It used to be whichever league won got homefield advantage….its changing so much. Now they’re putting robots in. Ugh. So much to bitch and complain about.

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    1. Some people want the leagues to be just like each other…which I’m glad they are not. MLB is not the NFL or NBA…I’m glad they are different. Also every field is different dimensions which I like.


      1. That is true…What I liked about no DH is the pinch hitting etc…bunts are eliminated in the AL compared to the NL…but I do like the DH in the AL.


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