Ctrl – Shift – Face

My son showed me a video on his phone and it fooled me at first. It’s easy to see why Robin Willaims and other actors and actresses have signed deals restricting their images for the future.

It’s not perfect You can tell when the actors turn their heads or in action scenes but one day it will be flawless…and these were made by a fan.

Under the YouTube username “Ctrl Shift Face,” this high-tech movie fan has used face swap technology to create some remixes of iconic movie scenes — complete with all new actors.

Jim Carrey in The Shinning


Tom Cruise in American Psycho


Tobey Maguire as new Spiderman


Bruce Lee in the Matrix

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

26 thoughts on “Ctrl – Shift – Face”

    1. I know it is scary. This was a fan doing this…and it’s only going to get better. What will be believed anymore?
      Oh Bruce Lee in the Matrix would have been great…and much faster

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      1. I think it’s a almost inevitable an impenetrable Internet Identity program will need to be established to ensure that with whom you communicate is the actual person and/or the source of a video is the actual original.
        Yes, they wouldn’t have had to incorporate much in the way of digital effects to enhance the Matrix if Bruce Lee had been the actual protagonist in his prime.

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      2. They are also manipulating video-audio conversations which never took place but seem as though they did. The vast majority are done for humorous purposes. ‘Ham Sarris’ is my favourite so far on you tube. There is fantastic one of Joe Rogan interviewing Roe Jogan. My God this made me laugh:

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      3. I personally don’t like it, even the smell. Nor have I had friends who were big pot smokers since my early 20s. But I can understand being caught up in the music scene as you have it’s inevitable that you will be around it.

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  1. Interesting but scary. Saw something similar a few months back where a morning show had superimposed one of their hosts over the face of LAdy Gaga at an awards show. Like you said, careful observation would show it was a fake – occasional shadows out of place, slight difference in sharpness etc, but would fool most not watching carefully. Of course the ramifications are dangerous — a more skilled digital engineer with time could make very defamatory or troubling videos featuring politicians or other public figures that could go a long ways to sinking their career.

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  2. I liked the American Psycho one where it showed the pill bottle of Scientology and that the victim was Christian Bale. I liked the Matrix one also. Haven’t seen the actual Amer Psycho movie yet… I agree with Dave that this tool in the hands of the wrong people can (and probably will) wreak havoc on many.

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  3. so many of to-days artists spend so much time building an image, while the older artists left their reputation come with them, it’s amazing how correct some want to be seen, while it’s an artists role to say it as it is, strange world, great post

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