IT 1990 and IT 2017

The new IT chapter 2 is set for release on September 6th.

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The new trailer for IT Chapter 2 is out now.

I’ve never seen IT as a horror story…I’ve seen it as a coming of age story with scary twists. I really like the novel and I wanted to see something as close as possible to the book. The book is much better than either the movie or miniseries but that is usually how it is.

I went to see IT (2017) with very high hopes. I realized before I traveled to the theater that they could never meet my expectations. My hope (and far-fetched dream) was that they would have made an HBO series of the novel. It would have been fifteen to twenty hour-long episodes. I wanted so much for the novel to come to life on screen. That wasn’t going to happen in one movie but I will say that yes I enjoyed it.

I’m not one…

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16 thoughts on “IT 1990 and IT 2017”

    1. Hey I’ve only read a very few fiction books in my life… this one is so descriptive you feel like you know the town… some would say too descriptive


    1. It’s like the movie Stand By Me but with a horror twist to it. The novel is excellent…the movie ok. I usually don’t read fiction but this one I did in the 80s.

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      1. I remember reading book in 80s. It was scary but well-written, probably one of 4 or 5 best of King’s (I went through a spell of reading his quite regularly then). Haven’t seen the movie though;mild interest in doing so…

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      2. As I remember it, the paperback was likely 800 or more pages so a lot would have to be culled & simplified to make it a 2h or less movie, I’m sure.

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      3. Yea that is why I wished they would have made an HBO series out of it…and done it right


  1. I watched this when it was on TV. If I didn’t like clowns before, I damn sure hate them, now. Tim Curry freaked me OUT. And, Rocky Horror Picture Show is just Pennywise in drag! EWWW!

    I’m not at all sure I could watch the film versions…Chapter 1 or 2. It will be bloody and gross. Did the Chapter 1 remake include Beverly having sex with all the boys?

    I remember reading Firestarter. Loved it. The movie was a HUGE disappointment because it left out SO much. Adaptations are difficult. A really good book needs to be broken into pieces.

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    1. No they didn’t have that scene. No way would they go there. The book is so good…even parts without the clown. It’s like Stand By Me with a twist. Really good coming of age book.

      The movies don’t come close to the book…only a series could have with like HBO or someone doing a 20 part series. The book is 1000 pages…it needs a full treatment.

      I never read Firestarter…I need to.


      1. They showed a turtle a few times as a hint but didn’t go into it. We will see if the new movie does…did you read the book?


      2. I have read it three times plus I have the audiobook now. It’s not the horror of it that is so good it’s the town and the people are very interested

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  2. Read it and seen all adaptations and agree with you that it’s more of a coming of age story. Maybe it’s because clowns don’t scare me as much as others, but I do find the sewer system the perfect creepy spot for anything horrific. Great post! Looking forward to the second half as well. The trailer really sucked me in last night!

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    1. Yes I’m looking forward to it big time. I love the book so much but there is no way they can do that in a movie or two….It would have taken a HBO series to do it like the book…but they did do a good job.


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