Babe Ruth’s last surviving daughter dies at 102

Julia Ruth Stevens, the adopted daughter of Babe Ruth, died on Saturday in an assisted living facility in Henderson, Nev.

Babe Ruth married Claire Hodgson on the opening day of the 1929 baseball season. He adopted Julia, and Claire adopted Dorothy (Babe Ruth’s biological daughter) in 1930, and they all lived together, with Claire’s extended family, in an apartment on West 88th Street.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

15 thoughts on “Babe Ruth’s last surviving daughter dies at 102”

    1. The Dodgers…I have since I was 10 in 1977. I live in Tennessee but my dad was a big Brooklyn Dodgers fan (his brother’s were Yankee fans) and I got it from him.
      I couldn’t believe he still had a daughter alive… Oh my name is Max…
      Do you support a team or just like the game in general?

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      1. Believe me I know! In the south in the US it’s all about football but baseball is my love. The history of the game and the way it doesn’t change much.

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      2. Yes. I love the movies too. Field of Dreams and Moneyball are fantastic. Moneyball is a movie I never get tired of watching. I lose it everytime at the end of Field of Dreams so I go into that with a bit more trepidation. But it’s fantastic.

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      3. Field of Dreams and Moneyball I love also. It hits me in Field of Dreams…when the Doctor crosses the line…yes.
        I also like Pride of the Yankees and The Sandlot.

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      4. Yes! And James Earl Jones immense speech before he leaves for the corn field is about the best thing I’ve ever heard. Lol. There are just so many momentous scenes and dialogue in the second half of that movie which make my eyes go watery. Their a few movies that carry the spirit which Field of Dreams does. Phenomenal movie.

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