Thurman Munson

On August 2, 1979, I remember the news that afternoon at 6 saying that a plane crash happened in Canton Ohio and Thurman Munson was dead. It was shocking because he was only 32 years old and catcher for the Yankees.

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While I was watching the 77 and 78 World Series there was one player I dreaded seeing at-bat with men on…, not Reggie Jackson…it was Thurman Munson. He is the only then Yankee player that I liked and respected.

Thurman is more remembered today for how his life ended than being a very good baseball player. He didn’t look like a prototypical Yankee. He was short and squatty with a sometimes difficult personality. He never did hit with a lot of power, the most home runs he ever hit in a season was 20. He ended up with a career batting average of .292 and an OBP of .346…very good for a catcher in that time period or now.

He was born in Canton Ohio in 1947 and grew up in a dysfunctional family. He kept progressing at baseball and attended Kent State. He was drafted with the 4th pick of the draft by the Yankees in 1968. He played with the Yankees from 1969 – 1979. Munson won Rookie of the Year in 1970.  He was a 7-time All-Star and an MVP in 1976. Thurman hurt his shoulder in the mid-seventies and had problems throwing the ball to second but he played through it all.

He had a rivalry with Carlton Fisk with the Red Sox and was fun to watch play. He was grumpy with reporters but good with kids and teammates. Former GM Gabe Paul said, “Thurman Munson is a nice guy who doesn’t want anyone to know it.”

He missed his family and wanted to be at home. He learned to fly and bought a prop plane so he could go home every night after a game. He kept progressing from plane to plane until he bought a Cessna $1.4 million twin-engine jet. He was practicing takeoffs and landings that day and came in and clipped some trees. He had three passengers, David Hall, and Jerry Anderson.

The plane caught fire as soon as it landed. Munson was conscious but had suffered serious spinal damage and couldn’t move. Anderson and Hall tried to pull Thurman to safety but the main door was jammed. Munson’s legs were trapped inside the crushed fuselage and wouldn’t budge. By the time the two men burst through the emergency exit, the smoke had consumed the entire plane. Hall and Anderson jumped out of the jet barely surviving. Thurman was dead at 32.

At the time I thought Thurman would be in the Hall of Fame. His numbers at the time of his death were comparable to Carlton Fisk. Munson appeared on the ballot in 1981, two years after a plane crash ended his life, and never got more than 15.5% of the vote.

Here is a list of his accomplishments from Wiki…but remember he was passed in many categories after he died.

  • 1st all time – Singles in World Series, 9
  • 10th all time – Batting average by catcher, .292
  • 11th all time – Postseason batting average, .357
  • 11th all time – Caught stealing percentage
  • 16th all time – On base percentage by catcher
  • 20th all time – OPS by catcher
  • 24th all time – Slugging by catcher
  • 26th all time – Hits by catcher
  • 26th all time – Runs by catcher
  • AL Rookie of the Year (1970)
  • AL MVP (1976)
  • 3× Gold Glove Award
  • 3 AL Pennants
  • 2 World Series titles
  • 7× All Star



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16 thoughts on “Thurman Munson”

  1. Munson would be a good edition to the Hall of Fame because catchers aren’t well represented. I think the most glaring error is Ted Simmons though. Munson at the time of his death was on the downside of his career- his body was beat up and he was wearing down. I don’t think he had any great years left in him. He was wanting to be sent to Cleveland to finish his career close to home. I recall the day well- I was working a summer job- and I was in the shop late in the day when this older fella Joe who was a Yankee fan-[and thought DiMaggio walked on water} came in, looked at me and told me that Thurman Munson had been killed in a plane crash. Crazy.

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    1. I’m mixed about him being in the Hall of Fame. If he would have lived he would have had to be a DH I would believe to add to his stats. The guy though was such a natural hitter. He would double and single you to death. Yea he had all sorts of problems in his last couple of years.
      If they added him I would not protest it. He played through a lot of pain. Today they would have rested him more.
      It shocked me…and I remember the next Yankee game that Murcer won.

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      1. Yes I remember him in right crying. This was a year or so after Lyman Bostock I think. As a kid I remember just the shocked feeling.

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      2. The Bostock murder another terrible tragedy.. at the wrong place at the wrong time. and the killer spent 7 months in a mental hospital and was let out…

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  2. I always rather assumed he was in the Hall of Fame… his numbers rather merit it, although arguably he was just short of the time played requirement. He was a good one, I remember that. I don’t specifically remember how I felt when I heard he’d died, but your reaction was probably much like what I had when out of the blue Roy Halladay was killed in a plane crash. (Seems to me another Blue Jay, Cory Lidle also died piloting his own plane back about a decade.) Bet by now there are stipulations in the contracts against them doing anything like that while playing.

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    1. I remember Cory Lidle…that was right after he was pitching in the playoffs I believe.
      Yes with as much money as they pay…they have stipulations about pickup basketball games now.
      Comparing him to catchers of his time…he compares favorably.

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    1. Yes he is more remembered for the crash probably. Great player though. He shouldn’t have been flying a friggin jet.


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