Joe Walsh – All Night Long

Joe has to be one of the most likable guys in Rock and Roll. Along with having a good time he is one of the best rock guitarists. All Night Long peaked at #19 in the Billboard 100 and #13 in Canada in 1980.

“All Night Long” was released as a single, in addition to being included in the legendary soundtrack to Urban Cowboy. It became one of Joe Walsh’s four Top 40 charting songs in his solo career. The song also found its way onto a live Eagles album.


From Songfacts

Independent of the single’s chart record, the soundtrack album made #1 on the Country Albums Chart, #3 on the Billboard 200, #2 on the Canadian RPM Country Albums Chart, and #21 on Canadian RPM Top Albums. Quite a bit of success for songs from a movie that cast John Travolta as a cowboy (inverting the concept of a “spaghetti western”), which makes about as much sense as casting John Wayne as Genghis Khan, and yet here we are still talking about it.

Joe Walsh fun fact: he played a prisoner in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers; during the “Jailhouse Rock” scene he was the first jumpsuit up on the table.

This was Walsh’s very next single after “Life’s Been Good.” Uh oh… Here comes a flock of WAH-WAHS!

All Night Long

We get up early and we work all day.
We put our time in ’cause we like to stay up
All night long. All night long.

We keep on grinnin’ ’til the weekend comes.
Just a pinch between your cheek and gums.
All night long. All night long.

Start in the morning and get the job done.
Take care of business and we have some fun.
All night long. All night long.

We like a long neck and a good old song.
Turn it up and then we’ll sing along. Sing along.
Oh, we’re stayin’ up all night long.

All night long.
All night long.
All night long.
All night long.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

22 thoughts on “Joe Walsh – All Night Long”

  1. Ringo’s brother-in-law was too cool to be in a group like The Eagles. Have you ever seen the documentary on them? They think pretty highly of themselves. Joe comes off well the rest of them IMO do not.

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    1. Oh yes I’ve seen it. I already was sick of them and heard the same rumors through the years…the two ringleaders verified them.

      They even put Joe on salary when he came back I’m pretty sure… Frey came off looking the worse to me…Henley didn’t come off looking good either .

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well we have that in common. I try not to let things like that affect me but it does. The documentary sealed it.
        The Rush documentary was opposite…I wish I did like their music because I like them.

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      2. You are reading my mind right after i sent the last message on the Eagles I thought- I should have added about Rush- those guys are great- I wish I could like their music!


      3. personality does make some difference. While I try to listen to just enjoy the music some idiots make their music hard to like (Ted Nugent is my own example A, although I never liked his wango tango crap much anyhow) and others I am a wee bit fonder of because they’re decent people – Bon Jovi is that way to me.

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    1. He is like a guy at a bar/pub making it big. No pretensions…he is who he is… I saw Ringo a few years ago and Joe popped in at the end and sang Rocky Mountain Way…a lot of fun.

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    1. Amen to that. I was just talking about The Eagles this morning. A band I previously thought everyone liked but me… I like a few of their songs and thats it.

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      1. They’re hit and miss for me. I like a lot of the bit pieces – Felder and Walsh are great guitarists, and Henley’s a good vocalist and lyricist. I’m about 50/50 on their hits. My favourite Eagles song is Timothy B. Schmitt’s showcase ‘I Can’t Tell You Why’.

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  2. Joe was born in Wichita, so he’s definitely loved here. I’ve never seen his show in person, but hopefully someday I’ll get the chance. I love his song, “Analog Man,” that he recorded just a few years ago. He does seem like a really likeable guy.

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    1. I have seen him once and that was just luck. I saw Ringo in 2012 on his birthday and out came his brother in law Joe… he played Rocky Mountain Way…it was a great surprise.
      I like Analog Man also.

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