Farrah Fawcett Poster

If you were a male teenager in the 1970s… odds are you owned or wanted to own this poster. Over 12 million of these were sold and I remember seeing them everywhere. On friends bedroom walls, doors, closets, ceilings, and lockers.

She wasn’t even my favorite Angel…but still.

Other posters were popular during the 1970’s like Cheryl Tiegs, Olivia Newton-John, Loni Anderson but nothing came close to the numbers generated by Farrah’s poster at 3 dollars a pop.

The poster that came out in 1976 is so iconic that when you look at it you think “1970s”…

This is Bruce McBroom the photographer in Time Magazine.

 I shot rolls of film, and it just wasn’t happening. She’s a beautiful woman, but there wasn’t anything that I would put on a poster. I just didn’t feel it. By now we’re running out of backgrounds — we used the swimming pool, etc. I said, “Farrah, are you sure you don’t have a bikini? Something different?”

She went in to look around and came out of the back door and stood in the doorway in this red suit, and she said in her Southern accent, “Well, is this anything?” And I literally said to myself, “Oh my God.” I knew that was it. I had an Indian blanket from Mexico that served as the seat cover for my beat-up 1937 Chevy pickup with colors that, it just popped into my head, would match the suit. I’d like to make it sound like it was all planned. But it was a spontaneous, happy intersection of coincidence. I didn’t do anything. I just put her in a spot and asked her to turn it on. When I saw the film processed, I knew we’d gotten it — somewhere in these 36 frames, there’s a poster. I went back over to her house, and I showed her all the pictures. She told me later that she had picked out her top two favorites and marked them on the slides. I’ve since heard that when the guy in Cleveland got the pictures, he went, “First of all, where’s the bikini?” He told me he wasn’t ever gonna pay me because he hated the pictures. But I guess he showed them around to people in his business and they changed his mind. It was Farrah’s pose, Farrah’s suit, Farrah’s idea. She picked that shot. She made a lot of money for him and for herself and made me semi-famous.

Why it was so iconic I don’t know. If you think back, no one knew who Farrah Fawcett was. Charlie’s Angels didn’t come out until six months later. But this poster came out and sold millions of copies at, I think, $3 a pop. I think the reason it was such a success is that Farrah had such a fresh face. She was the girl next door. So if you were a teenager, you could bring this in the house and put it up in your room — as long as Mom didn’t look too closely. Once her poster became such an overnight success, the other actresses from Charlie’s Angels contacted the guy and wanted to do posters too. There were many that followed. And none of them came close.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

12 thoughts on “Farrah Fawcett Poster”

  1. No doubt- if someone said poster- I”d think this one. It was everywhere and I can’t think of one that has come close to it since in popularity. She wasn’t my favorite of the Angels either. I didn’t own the poster but I know a lot of guys my age that did. 12 million sold those are incredible numbers.

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    1. My buddies at school had it also. I saw it everywhere and guys would slip the poster out before class started and I remember that picture on iron-on t-shirts….wow remember iron-on t-shirts… It’s funny but when the seventies spring to my mind…I get an image of this poster, Queen’s News of the World, Star Wars and the Pittsburgh Steelers…they all connect for some reason in my mind.

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      1. You know in seeing the poster again for the first time in years- amazing how little was actually revealed…. the 70’s for me The Pirates, Steelers and discovering The Beatles.

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      2. You are right it was really modest compared to some of the others even at that time. That probably helped it because it was a little more “mom” friendly. Pittsburgh had the nation’s attention in that decade no doubt.

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      3. Good point on the being modest helping sales- I didn’t think about that. … Yes now they say Pittsburgh City of Champions and the Pirates…

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      4. And the Pirates…oh that’s cold… Is it the owner or is just economics of baseball?… They had a good team built but just would not keep it together.


      5. I think it is a combination of things. It was heartbreaking to see them build up a good young team a few years back and lose in the wildcard– and now starting back over again…. I think they really got taken to the cleaners in the Cole deal.. McCutchen is in the last year of his contract- and he wasn’t going to be re-signed which was the smart move i think. They have done better so far this year than expected but still a long way to go in the season. I love the Steelers but baseball and the Pirates are my #1.

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  2. Wow, I actually happened upon an episode of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ yesterday on MeTv, I think it was, one with Farrah in it. Two thoughts – man! She was more incredible looking than I remembered…if that show would have come along about 4 years later, you wouldn’t have pried me away from the set, and two, it was actually a fairly well-written show…not an award-winner, but better than a number of police/detective shows I’ve seen in the last couple of decades.

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    1. Yes it was good…they not only relied on their looks but had good stories.
      Oh I remember every guy in school was in love with her….that feathered hair.
      She is in Logan’s Run also.


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