Man with No Name Trilogy

A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Three great movies that happen to be westerns…maybe the best three or at least in the very top tier. At least once a year I make time to binge watch these movies back to back to back.

All were directed by Sergio Leone and were brilliant. If you watch a regular Hollywood western from this time period or a little later…they seem a little too polished…this one feels raw and realistic.

These movies started the Spaghetti Westerns…They made Clint Eastwood a movie star. He was famous for Rawhide on television but this put him over the top.

The three films are not really an ongoing story but Eastwood plays pretty much the same character in every one with different name.

The best part of all three is the atmosphere. The editing and cinematography of these movies are great…The showdown scene in The Good, Bad and the Ugly is worth watching just by itself. Personally, I like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly the best because of that scene.

You don’t have to be a big western fan to enjoy these movies… they transcend regular westerns.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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9 thoughts on “Man with No Name Trilogy”

  1. What an amazing career Clint has had. I think if pressed to name my favorite movie of his- I might go with The Outlaw Josey Wales! The three you mention here would be high on the list also all classics!

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    1. I was late in the game watching Westerns. These got me into them. I should have written more about all three movies but they have something that I cannot put my finger on. After I watched these I started to try some others from the 1970s but they did not have this atmosphere… Everything was just so raw and were not like the typical Hollywood westerns that were made.

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      1. I hadn’t seen The Outlaw Josey Wales until 2 years ago. We were at Gettysburg on a ranger tour and the ranger started talking about his favorite civil war film- The Outlaw Josey Wales..and was acting some of the scenes out… I had to see it after that.

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      2. With that endorsement how could you not that is cool…
        People look at me like I’m insane but I didn’t see Tombstone until 3 months ago.

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      3. I can’t act it out but it is worth it. I never was a big Val Kilmer fanatic but he was great in this as Doc Holiday… You just made me feel a whole lot better. Everyone I told about the movie looked at me with a “You are the only person that didn’t see it in the 90s” look…

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      4. I am still a hold out. I remember my dad really liked it. Now I will have to find a copy and watch sometime soon.

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      5. I understand… I didn’t see the Indiana Jones trilogy and ET until the past 5 years or so…I get gasps of disbelief with them also.

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