Van Morrison

Van the man is supposedly a difficult man to know but man can he sing and write… He started out with a group called Them in Belfast Ireland. They were very underrated and made some great music in the mid 60s. Gloria, Mystic Eyes, Baby Please Don’t Go, Here Comes The Night, Don’t Look Back and my favorite that is hard to find…”Mighty Like A Rose”…

He quit Them and signed with Bert Bern’s Bang records and wrote Brown Eyed Girl which sounds fresh no matter how many times i hear it. After the death of Berns he started on his great albums. Astral Weeks, Moondance, His Band and The Street Choir, Tupelo Honey, Saint Dominic’s Preview, Hard Nose the Highway and the list continues on.

My favorites are Moondance and Tupelo Honey. These albums are consistently great. I also love the title track to Saint Dominic’s Preview…it’s an epic song that I can listen to over and over with the imagery never getting old. I would suggest to anyone to get the early to mid seventies albums (but his other albums are great also) and listen to all the songs….not just the radio friendly ones. The radio songs are great… Moondance, Crazy Love, Tupelo Honey, Blue Money, Domino, Blue Money, Caravan, Wild Night but there is so much more.

Van’s voice and phrasing is like no other. I saw him live finally in 2006 and his voice was even better than I thought. If I could sing like anyone…I would pick Van.

For a person who wants to listen to Van for the first time… I would recommend the Tupelo Honey and Moondance albums to start off with…. Rock, country, folk, pop and some jazz for good measure…all mixed together in terrific songs… for his early work with Them get The Story of Them Featuring Van Morrison



Author: Badfinger (Max)

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11 thoughts on “Van Morrison”

  1. I love Van. One of my alltime favorite songs is a duet he did with John Lee Hooker on “I Cover the Waterfront”. It’s on Hooker’s album “Mr. Lucky”. If you haven’t heard it, then I highly recommend it. The contrast between their voices and singing style is perfect, and the imagery is so vivid. One of the most moving songs/performances I’ve ever heard.

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    1. I just listened to it. You are right… .it moves seamlessly…not just the voices but the guitar tone and the organ just fits perfect. Thanks for pointing that one out.


    1. I got into Van in the 80’s and I was totally all in. You are right…he is his own man and follows no one. His voice and phrasing is second to none. Saint Dominic’s Preview still amazes me every time I listen to it.

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      1. I have never seen Van in concert. He’s coming to the area in September. I have to go. I agree with you- amazing singer. He’s in my top 5 or 6 favorite artists.

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      2. I saw Van in 2006 at the Ryman so I was lucky… Go if you can…you won’t be disappointed. His voice is even better in person. I’m a huge fan but it took me by surprise on how strong his voice is live.

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      3. Forgot to mention- I just picked this up recently and haven’t started it yet- a new book on the making of Astral Weeks called Astral Weeks by Ryan Walsh. Don’t know if you have seen it or read it yet- it is getting great reviews. Not only about the making of the album but the scene in Boston at the time etc..

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      4. Thanks I will check it out no doubt. I’m finishing Testimony by Robbie Robertson and he has a few Van stories. He was/is an odd guy but that makes him more interesting….I would like to know how you go from Brown Eyed Girl and the Bang records to Astral Weeks.

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