Life On Mars…

2006 Life on Mars is simply great. Now I’m talking about the BBC original version… NOT the American version. Sometimes I wonder why instead of remaking a series as great as this… why not just show the superior British version in America in prime time? Do they think that it would be impossible for people to understand British accents? Why remake something that is inferior to the original?

The plot is a cop (Sam Tyler) in 2006 gets hit by a car and wakes up in 1973…he doesn’t know if he has traveled through time, going mad or in a coma. When he wakes he is a cop in 1973 and has to deal with a non PC world that is vastly different from where he just came from… People do things with feel more than data gathering etc.

Great characters and stories make this the best show of the 2000’s to me. It only lasts 16 episodes and all of them are top notch. This show did have a spinoff… Ashes to Ashes…basically the same story above but with a female detective going back in the 1980s but she does meet most of the same characters except Sam. Ashes to Ashes does have its moments and it does wrap up all the reasons for  Life On Mars….but it doesn’t top it.

Almost better than the series is the soundtrack…. Performers from Atomic Rooster to David Bowie. A few songs that caught me by surprise that I thought how have I missed these all of my life?

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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21 thoughts on “Life On Mars…”

  1. I remember that show, very strange (right up my alley). There was another show called “Awake”, not the same plot but it had a similar feel about it.

    Do you remember a show called, “The Young Ones”?

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    1. I connected with Life on Mars right away…of course the seventies connection I loved.

      No I haven’t seen The Young Ones…I just looked it up and it looks like something I would like.

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  2. One of my favourite tv shows of more recent years (well, recent-ish…) And I’ve got this and the followup series on dvd now – I rewatch them both from time to time – but, like you, prefer Life on Mars to Ashes to Ashes. I love the humour in the show and the choice of actors for the characters was spot on. I’ve not seen the American version but I suspect the reason they didn’t just show the original show in the US is because the particularly British humour wouldn’t have transferred very well at the time. It’s very London ‘street’ of that period. But… all available on DVD now, so it doesn’t really matter!

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    1. I watched it when I came out. I work in IT and I had someone that would send me the episodes as soon as they were shown.
      I do like Ashes to Ashes also but I did miss Sam and Annie.
      I know what you mean about the humour and references. I learned a lot by watching it like Camberwick Green and Party Seven. My son and I are rewatching Ashes to Ashes right now.
      Gene Hunt is one of the most interesting characters I’ve ever seen. Not a role model! But he is an interesting character.
      Probably my favorite TV show in the past 20 or more years.

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      1. There was a police station near where I was lived as a child and the cops there were from the same Gene Hunt mould… they had quite a reputation. The police in the UK have changed immensely in the intervening years.


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