Monkees – The Girl I Knew Somewhere

In my childhood I played the Monkees to death…all along thinking they were still together and playing but they had broken up years before. On their first two albums they were not allowed to play their own instruments (other bands had this problem also) but by the third album they fought for their freedom and won it.

I remember the show this song was in…Julie Newmar was in it…I didn’t forget Julie Newmar.

“The Girl I Knew Somewhere” was the first song recorded by the Monkees containing instruments performed by the band members. The song was written by Monkee;’s guitar player Mike Nesmith. Mike also wrote the hit A Different Drum for the Stone Ponys…Linda Ronstadt’s band.

When it was recorded Mike Nesmith recorded the lead vocals but later on Mickey Dolenz put his lead vocals down for more of a commercial sound.

The song was a B side to A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (#2 in the Billboard 100). It was not on an album but The Girl I Knew Somewhere peaked at #39 in the Billboard 100 in 1967.

The video for the show was a winner with Julie Newmar

The Girl I Knew Somewhere

You tell me that you’ve never been this way before.
You tell me things I know that I’ve heard somewhere.
You’re standing in the places and you’re
staring down through faces, that bring to mind traces
of a girl, a girl that I knew somewhere.

I just can’t put my finger on what it is
that says to me “Watch out! Don’t believe her.”
I can’t give any reasons girl,
my thoughts are bound down in a whirl.
I just can’t think who in the world was that girl;
I know I met her somewhere.

Someway, somehow this same thing was done.
Someone, somewhere did me this same wrong.

Well, goodbye dear, I just can’t take this chance again.
My fingers are still burning from the last time.
And if your love was not a game, I only have myself to blame.
That’s as may be, I can’t explain.

Just ask the girl that I knew somewhere.