Creeps – She’s Gone

I’ve posted one other song by them called Down At The Night Club which is fantastic and still on my playlist.

The Creeps sound like they came from random garages in the sixties but it was the 1980s. I love the sound they got on this record. Like many of these bands in the 1980s…they sounded straight out of the late 60s…bless them! Who led with an organ in the 80s? Even for people who don’t like organs…the guitar is just as good.

This song is off of their debut album Enjoy The Creeps that was released in 1986. Critics have said that they never did translate the excitement of their live show to records but this one is good. They released it on a small label named Tracks on Wax which was a Swedish Garage Rock-label in the 80s.

They formed in Sweden in 1985. They were influenced heavily by the Animals and Yardbirds, Robert Jelinek (vocals, guitar), Hans Ingemansson (Hammond organ), Anders Olsson (bass), and Patrick Olson (drums). Whenever I think of music from Sweden I think of Abba…this is not Abba by any stretch of the imagination.

There was another band called The Creeps from Brno, Czech Republic. They were founded in 2005…this is not them.

I’m going to also add Down At The Night Club here. I would have bought that record if I would have heard it in 1986 over anything else in the charts here. 

She’s Gone

She’s gone,
Out of my life.
I was wrong,
I’m to blame,
I was so untrue.
I can’t live without her love.
In my life
There’s just an empty s***e.
All my dreams are lost,
I’m wasting away.
Forgive me, girl.


Lady, won’t you save me?
My heart belongs to you.
Lady, can you forgive me?
For all I’ve done to you.
Lady, oh, lady.

She’s gone,
Out of my life.
Oh, she’s gone.
I find it so hard to go on.
I really miss that girl, my love.
Come back into my arms.
I’m so alone,
I’m begging you,
I’m down on my knees.
Forgive me, girl.

(Chorus x2)

Lady, oh, lady.
My heart belongs to you.
Lady, can you forgive me?
For all I’ve done to you.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Creeps – She’s Gone”

  1. Love that lively organ sound! I can definitely hear why some would compare them to the animals. Opening of the song put me in mind of some early-’70s TV detective show… could imagine some cool , lone wolf detective ride into the scene in some hopped-up Chevelle or something.

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  2. Very Nuggets organ.

    Making a list of my favourite albums per year recently, 1986 is pretty strong – although several of my favourites didn’t chart highly. REM’s Lifes Rich Pageant, Paul Simon’s Graceland, XTC’s Skylarking, The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead, and Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring. They’re all either guitar-based or have Steve Winwood playing keyboards on them.


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