Shocking Blue with Mariska Veres

A few years ago I posted nothing but Shocking Blue songs the entire weekend…when I was doing 2-3 posts a day. I received great feedback on their material. Most people have only heard Venus and some Nirvana fans have heard Love Buzz that they covered.

This is a band that I found when I first started to blog. I always liked their hit Venus but their other songs are just as good or better to me. The stringy guitar song Mighty Joe and the melodic Never Marry a Railroad Man are great songs.

They were a band out of the Netherlands with a  sensational singer named Mariska Veres who hit internationally in 1970. She sounded like Grace Slick to me…maybe a little stronger. Robbie van Leeuwen was the guitar player who wrote the songs.

Shocking Blue successfully combined Beat music and R&B with psychedelic elements of the time like sitar and odd production techniques. Robbie didn’t mind if the band included a few covers, as it took the pressure off him to constantly come up with new material. “We wrote a lot of our own stuff and the radio DJs preferred us to do original songs, but we had so many albums to do the band had to fill in with a few covers. It was quite exhausting writing all the lyrics and song myself”.

They were together from 1968-1974. Shocking Blue was known as a one-hit-wonder with Venus but their other songs were big hits in the Netherlands.

They were not smooth…they were raw… hence why I like them. Venus is probably my least favorite…maybe because I’ve heard it too much and it’s been covered a few times by different artists.

I like finding artists that have been largely forgotten. I never knew about Shocking Blue…with the exception of Venus until 3 or 4 years ago. I do listen to some new music on Youtube but I like digging and finding good bands that deserve attention. To me they are new…

Mariska sadly died in 2006. With her voice, I’m shocked she didn’t have a more successful solo career.

Never Marry a Railroad Man

Mighty Joe

Love Buzz



Author: Badfinger (Max)

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24 thoughts on “Shocking Blue with Mariska Veres”

  1. That’s a cool video of Railroad Man. I still love Venus the best though. I also like Nirvana”s Love Buzz as well as theirs. Do you know this one? It’s my favorite version ever since I heard it.

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    1. Sounds really cool! No I never heard this before…I love the intro…
      This was a selection also…someone mashed them all up.


  2. “Venus” was one of the most unusual songs on the radio at that time. The opening guitar rythm rift then the off-beat guitar. Seems the Fender Rhodes piano was a studio musician. I saw them on a German teen show and there was no piano. Still a great song and she was better than Grace Slick.

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    1. They were talented…yea if it wasn’t for Venus…we would have never heard of them over here. Robbie van Leeuwen is a good songwriter.


  3. Shocking Blue were a really cool band and are a great illustration of how the one-hit wonder definition can be flawed. Yes, internationally, they were mostly known for “Venus,” a song I still dig and think in its original version is much better than the Bananarama cover. But, ss you rightly noted, had many more than just one hit in their native country The Netherlands. I also agree with you that Mariska Veres was a compelling frontwoman and vocalist. I like all of the tunes you featured in your post.

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    1. Thanks Christian…I listen to some of those songs and I’m amazed that they didn’t follow up Venus here and play them.
      I do like Venus a lot but some of their other songs are really good.

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