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No this is not the name of a new or old band. It’s a youtube channel that I’ve been hooked on. As I’ve said before, my first car was a 1966 Mustang and when I was 16 it was the key to my universe. I was a traveling man always keeping the roads hot. If something went wrong with my car…I could always fix it with the help of my brother-in-law who knew about cars. He would not just fix something…he would show me how to do it and I would get it done with his help. I’m so thankful he didn’t try to take over…he taught and I retained most of it.

As far as cars go…once we got into the mid-90s…that all stopped as cars became complicated. My current position is Director of IT…but that doesn’t help jack s*** with modern cars. All the computer boards, chips, and sensors…they are so small under the hood you have to be a contortionist to change your oil now. Ok…let me get to the point of this youtube channel.

This guy named Chris will go to junk yards or where ever and find a car that hasn’t run in 20 years or so and spend some time on it…and make it run. That is amazing to me. Added to the entertainment value is his girlfriend Jen, her dog Gus, and a squirrel they saved named Leo. He usually picks older cars and I’ve been watching his channel for at least a month and a half now. I have an old 1984 Chevy Durango S-10-type truck that we used for trash mostly. It’s been sitting for 4-5 years and with the tips, I got from him…I got it at least started again.

In one episode he, Jen, and Gus fly to Las Vegas and buys a 1974 Grand Torino Elite sight unseen…it hasn’t ran in 15 years…he gets it running and they drive all the way back home to Pennsylvania in the car…fixing things as he goes.

Now…it inspired me to be on the lookout for my dream car…a junk one that I would like to fix up…a 1968-1972 Opel GT. I do have a mechanic friend so yes I do have some help. I would not do that on just youtube videos but Chris is an artist on cars. He doesn’t spend big money either…he doesn’t always throw money at problems. He also doesn’t buy supercars…he buys cars that ordinary people would buy at good prices.  He is highly entertaining and very down to earth including Jen.

He also does this to boats, motorcycles, heavy equipment, and about anything with wheels. His videos are usually 45 minutes to an hour long. The trip to Las Vegas is a two-parter and it’s around an hour each. One Bulldozer that he gets running hadn’t been running since 1985!

The channel is Nononsenseknowhow

The Las Vegas Videos

The Plymouth Fury Video

The Caterpillar Bulldozer Video


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

24 thoughts on “No Nonsense Know How…. NNKH Youtube Channel”

  1. Sounds good if you’re wanting to fix up cars. I like vintage cars like that but really don’t have an interest in personally fixing them up. I briefly had a Torino , either a 74 or 75, was the only Ford I ever had- I didn’t like it too well but it needed a lot of engine work (it was probably 12 years old or so at the time). My sweetie’s dad drove an S10 as his town car (he was a tractor trailer driver professionally) so she had a soft spot for them. Agree with you on the technology – my dad was fond of puttering around with older cars and knew his way around, and had friends who were very good mechanics. By the time the 2000s started, they couldn’t do a thing with a new car to fix it.

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    1. It is so cool with those old cars. If you knew the basic principle of how a car works you could fix this or that on the go. I remember in my first car…ok I need a fuel pump….there it was easy to get to and just switch it out….now…good luck.

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  2. An Opel GT? Wow! I remember them well from back in Germany while growing up there. It’s a cool looking car.

    But nothing will ever beat a Porsche 911, at least in my book. I just love the shape of that car. It’s kind of amazing it still exists to this day – yes, of course with some tweaks. But the basic shape is still there!

    Now, don’t ask me any specifics. While I enjoy looking at vintage cars, I really know nothing about ‘em!😀

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    1. That is what I like about the opel get… that look. It looks like a small corvette. It was called the poor man’s corvette lol. I like the Porsche 911 also. They were huge in the 80s.
      I don’t know much about cars either:.. I guess that is the reason I got hooked on this show.

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    1. Thanks! I am not a car guy either but it made me appreciate how good this guy is and he makes it look so easy…until I started to work on my old truck…I got it running though doing some of the things he did….so it helped.

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  3. We have a series on Sky here called Wheeler Dealers- on Yootoob to, I’d guess; A couple of Brits, but they spent a season or two in the States and I recall they revived and panel beat a green Opel GT into shape on one episode, it might be worth a trawl/look for you. Those flippin’ front lights also needed a bit of magic to get them up and enlightening the view forward! Good choice- I think they came with a wheezy wee 1.6 or 1.9 four, but hey, its all about the look. Good luck, hope you find one. I always loved the FIAT X/19 mid engined sportster- yeah, I know, FIAT stands for Fix It Again Tony- but they rust away faster than a muffler in the salty streets of Nova Scotia.

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    1. I like those Fiats also! I also like MG’s… but yea that Opel has stuck with me. I have found them as a project car for anywhere between $350 (no engine or transmission) and $2000. They are one of the old cool ones that are affordable. Muscle cars are outrageous.
      I just checked out the Fiat’s prices….whew…yea they are higher, The junk ones are starting around $3000. I love the 1972 model.

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    2. Thanks, Obbverse. I just checked out Wheeler Dealers. It’s pretty cool…I watched a few of them. Tonight I watched the one on The Thing by Volkswagen and the 1971 Fiat… good stuff.

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  4. I wish it was cool for girls to be mechanics when we were in school. I would love to be able to tinker on cars. At one time, I was pretty in tune with my older vehicles…’77 Civic, ’81 Tercel, ’85 Celica, ’91 Talon. Most were easy to change oil, change air filters, rotate tires, replace brakes, spark plugs… My Celica was my first fuel injected. I would have liked for my dad to have passed his ’72 Charger to me but, he trashed it and sold it to someone from out of state when I was 16. I hated him for that. And, now, I am dealing with more of his leftover shit. I need to send you some pix.

    I hope you find an Opal. 😁

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  5. Watching these videos will make me want to find a junked car and try to make it run. 😀 Seriously, this is me with old sewing machines, and I’ve got the collection in my house to prove it. *embarrassed* Cars are obviously more complicated than old Singers, but it’s a similar mentality, i.e., get into the mechanics and make it work again.

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    1. I was hooked when I started to watch. I love seeing things that were discarded being used again. My friend the mechanic wants us to flip an older car…I would love to do it. Working on these older cars….anything before the nineties… is not as hard.
      You have sewing machines I have guitars.

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  6. I know a couple of people who would go ga-ga over this channel, but they are no longer around. Sounds like a fun project for a mechanically oriented person who has help available through rough patches if needed.

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    1. Thanks for giving it a try Jeff. I’m not a “car guy” by any means but he does keep it entertaining. A lot of useful tips also on older cars. Yea he does things that I’m thinking….it’s going to slip or something is going to fall on him.

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