Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies

This is a rare occasion when you hear Jimmy Page singing and not being buried in the background vocals.

It sounds like he borrowed a little from Ray Davies with this one. He was playing on Kinks and Who sessions at the time and it shows.  It was released on Feb. 26, 1965, on the Fontana label, the song found Page producing, playing all the instruments except the drums, and for what was the first and only time… handling lead vocals.

Jimmy Page pic She just Satisfies

I thought Jimmy must have had a terrible voice because you never see him do backups much in the old Led Zeppelin concert videos. Actually, it isn’t bad…he wasn’t going to replace Robert Plant at any point but it was good. The single didn’t go anywhere but it was a decent song. It sounds like a Kinks album track. The B side was a song called Keep Moving.

At this time he was getting bored with session work but he was extremely good at it. He would play with another studio musician from time to time, a bass player and arranger, John Paul Jones.  In 1965 when Eric Clapton left the Yardbirds, Jimmy was asked to join. He turned them down and recommended his friend Jeff Beck and they took Beck. In 1966, bass player Paul Samwell-Smith left the Yardbirds and Jimmy was asked to join again as a bass player.

Yardbirds New

This time he said yes but soon Chris Dreja would switch from guitar to bass and let Jimmy play guitar in the band. For a while, the Yardbirds had Page and Beck playing together but Beck was fired after a while and Jimmy took over. The band lasted until they broke up on July 7, 1968. Jimmy retained the rights to the name for a short tour only…but filled it with his “New Yardbirds” John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Rober Plant. They lost the rights to the name after the tour and changed their name to Led Zeppelin after a pun that Keith Moon made.

Jimmy Page: “My session work was invaluable. At one point I was playing at least three sessions a day, six days a week! And I rarely ever knew in advance what I was going to be playing. But I learned things even on my worst sessions – and believe me, I played on some horrendous things,”

The B side Keep Movin

She Just Satisfies

Hey, she just satisfies
Hey, you know she satisfies
So good

And every evening when I go round
She’s at the door, oh
She makes me feel so good
The way she loves me so
So good

So buddy you better stay well far away
‘Cause she’s my baby
You better hear what I say

Oh yeah

Hey, she just satisfies
Hey, you know she satisfies
So good

Good, good lovin’
She gives me it don’t you know, oh
I’m gonna take her
Every place I go

Oh yeah

Oh, she just satisfies
Hey, she just satisfies
So good


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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16 thoughts on “Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies”

  1. The 1967 Jimi Hendrix song Fire says, “Oh Move Over Rover And Let Jimi Take Over”, which is what happened when Beck was fired. I never heard this song, but it is really nice Max, thanks for posting it. I will be posting the Led Zeppelin song ‘Rock and Roll’ later.

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  2. well that’s an interesting piece of history, I never knew he had any solo records out. Like you, I can hear a bit of a Kinks influence there. Not bad but the production/mix seemed pretty poor to me, at least listening at this end. Maybe the actual record was better.

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    1. Yea I’m sure it was never remixed or anything for a modern market…he probably would like it eliminated lol. I think he sounds fine though.


  3. Never heard that before. Thanks. Love all that bluesy, garage sound. Have loads of this stuff from obscure US and UK bands (mainly reissues) – right up my street, this. 🙂

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  4. Not a bad effort by Jimmy Page. I also had no idea he ever sang. The tune has got a nice raw sound. I can hear a Kinks vibe as well. I also just listened to the largely instrumental tune on the B-side and was less impressed. But the A-side definitely isn’t bad!

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