Bangles (The Bangs) – Getting Out Of Hand

The Bangles were The Bangs at first, and their line-up consisted of Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson.  The group was part of the Paisley Underground movement, a musical scene based around Los Angeles in which groups mixed 1960s-inspired pop with garage rock. They produced the song themselves and Vicki Peterson wrote the song. 

The Bangs released Getting Out Of Hand on their own label DownKiddie Records and distributed it locally around Los Angeles in 1981. They renamed themselves The Bangles because a band in New Jersey was already called The Bangs and threatened to sue. The B side was written by Hoffs called Call On Me.

the bangs and the bangles' versions of "getting out of hand"

The songs didn’t chart but they drew the attention of Miles Copeland, who signed the band to his label Faulty Products. They would then release the 1982 EP called The Bangles which contained the song The Real World.

Faulty Products issued a 12-inch “remix” single of The Real World to radio and media, but a setback came as the label folded. I.R.S. Records picked up distribution and reissued the EP. Michael Steele soon joined the band at this time. 

The Bangles were a breath of fresh air in the mid-eighties. The band played sixties-inspired rock with Byrd’s chiming guitars.  I’ve said it before…and I’ll say it again. The lead singer on this song, Susanna Hoffs, caught my eye right away. Yes for the normal ways but also for the fact she was playing a Rickenbacker guitar…what more could I want? Game over…life complete. 

Getting Out Of Hand

A friend told me yesterday
You’ve been lookin’ for me
If I’ve been stayin’ out of your way
I’ve done it intentionally

Saw you walking with her (walkin’ with her)
Always kept that few steps behind, yeah
Wonder if she knows for sure (she knows for sure)
Her man’s goin’on walking the line

Then I say to myself ‘beware’
It’s getting out of hand (out of hand)
It’s getting out of hand (don’t look now)
If he’s lovin’ you, he’s not being true
He’s got another woman, yeah

Look me right in the eye
Tell me I’m the one that you love
Right back into your lies
Forgetting how determined I was

Then I say to myself ‘beware’
It’s getting out of hand (out of hand)
It’s getting out of hand (don’t look now)
If he’s lovin’ you, he’s not being true
He’s got another woman, yeah

A friend told me yesterday, hey


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

30 thoughts on “Bangles (The Bangs) – Getting Out Of Hand”

  1. Vids aren’t pulling up here, so I’ll have to watch them on a different tab, but Bangles are usually always worth listening to and watching! Their early work was a bit edgier than their hit material, columbia made them big stars but I don’t know that they ultimately managed the band as well as they could. Susanna has a fairly new album out but so far it’s only online…I’ve heard a few tracks and like them.

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      1. I assume it’s some annoying glitch from the anti-virus on this, the videos show up on my phone. It was time to renew the AV last week and I ended up going for an ‘upgrade’ which was somehow I think less than a straight renewal and after they did the updates, it seems to be annoyingly over-vigilant, for instance usually any new website I visit that it’s unfamiliar with (this even included Google and yahoo at first) it tries to block and I sometimes have to click and reload several times for it to allow me to.

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      2. You can try to uninstall and reinstall it…I’ve seen some of those over the top things before…I mean who in their right mind would want that? Sure it keeps you safe because you can’t go anywhere lol.


    1. That lady…whew…she has everything and on top of everything else…plays a Rickenbacker…whats not to like? Your borther-in-law is a lucky man!


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