TV Draft Round 8 – Pick 8 – Paula Selects – Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Curb Your Enth

Curb Your Enthusiasm

 Omgosh I love this show! Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld, created the Curb concept and launched the show post-Seinfeld in October 2000. He stars in every episode as a fictionalized version of himself ~ a wealthy entertainment professional living a posh life in Los Angeles who doesn’t quite get the hang of social interaction and focuses on what he considers insults while committing many missteps himself. I guess fictionalized Larry might be “on the spectrum,” though that isn’t discussed. Cheryl Hines stars as his wife/ex-wife and Jeff Garlin is hilarious as his manager. Susie Essman plays Jeff’s wife and imo she is the funniest character with the best lines. Also very funny is J.B. Smoove, a hurricane refugee whom Larry and Cheryl shelter; he ends up as a regular, living in Larry’s guest quarters. The episodes where Smoove tries to find a “Mary Ferguson” to take the place of a Mary Ferguson who ditched him and their travel plans are absolutely side-splitting.

But I’m jumping ahead ~ the MF eps are in S11 (the latest one). Yep, Curb goes up to 11, and Larry has confirmed that there will be a Season 12. I’m so excited! If you don’t watch this show, but are a Seinfeld fan, I highly recommend catching up. Curb is also about the minutiae of daily life and the small misunderstandings that can morph into big dramas and ruin relationships. The show was developed from a one-hour comedy show that Larry did in 1999, which was shot as a “mockumentary.” Curb continues that style, with Larry outlining each ep and then relying on the actors to provide funny improvisational dialog, which is called retroscripting (all info is from Wikipedia). The show has been a huge success ~ nominated for 47 Emmy Awards and winning the 2002 Golden Globe for Best TV Series (music/comedy).

One of my favorite eps is S3e9 when Larry and Cheryl are still married and she has her family over for the Christmas holidays. Larry is Jewish, and he has no idea that the cookies Cheryl and fam have baked are for a special manger scene they’re going to set up. He eats the baby Jesus and everyone is mad at him. Season 4 starts out with several great eps, including such fab guest stars as Mel Brooks and Ben Stiller. This Season features a theme of Larry getting one “free pass” from Cheryl to be unfaithful during their marriage and he wants to cash it in, resulting in several hilarious attempts. Cheryl and Larry renew their wedding vows during this season and have a big argument over whether to love each other until death (Larry’s preference) or for all eternity (Cheryl’s). In S6 and beyond, Cheryl and Larry split up for good, and we get to see Larry going on dates, getting served with a fatwa, opening a spite store, and being forced to cast a terrible actress in his new show when her burglar uncle drowns in Larry’s unfenced pool. Larry ends up trapped in a relationship with an unattractive city council member (Tracey Ullman) in hopes of revoking the law about fencing pools, and Smoove says Larry is putting “bad miles” on his penis.

Can’t wait for S12!


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15 thoughts on “TV Draft Round 8 – Pick 8 – Paula Selects – Curb Your Enthusiasm”

  1. This is one I am way behind on seeing. I guess I have seen clips here and there. I’m sure the Seinfeld reunion on the show sparked a lot of interest, as I had only heard about the show because of that.

    Larry is a funny guy, so I really need to find time to watch this one.

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  2. I’m a big fan of this show and Seinfeld. I have seen nearly every episode of Curb at least 3 times up until the most recent season. Nice write-up, but I didn’t get ‘on the spectrum’ vibes from his fictional Larry.

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      1. Have you seen the show? Larry never lets anything go. His obsession with people’s remarks drives many plots. He’s also a germaphobe. The reason I said his character may be on the spectrum is because he’s often clueless about ordinary social interaction. It’s part of the charm of the show and leads to humorous, twisted situations…

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      2. I don’t think his being picky about being cleanly means he is a germaphobe. Also they are all plausible reactions which many people would have. Also he’s not clueless socially. In fact he is often very stoic, charming, engaging but contentious. I see him differently to you, but that’s fine.


  3. Paula, I used to watch this when I had HBO and thought it was hilarious. I remember when I learned that Larry was the comedic genius behind at least half of Seinfeld show. I remember liking the woman who plays his wife and how funny it was but not much else. I need to revisit it. Good write-up!

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