Peter Jackson Get Back Sneak Peek

A sneak peek montage that shows the Beatles having a good time filming what was then Let It Be. From what I read…a lot of the footage is positive. In the original movie Let It Be it’s really only one tense scene in the entire movie. I’m so much looking forward to this movie’s release.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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23 thoughts on “Peter Jackson Get Back Sneak Peek”

      1. I watched it not long ago and was surprised to see the Paul and George scene…was the only obvious scene…you can tell things lightened up when they moved the filming to Apple.


  1. I know this sounds corny, this clip literally made me well up with tears of joy. It’s been such a (insert any expletive!) year! Seeing John, Paul, George and Ringo goof around just feels so good.

    It’s also a nice contrast to the common narrative The Beatles only fought with each other in their final years! I’m not saying there wasn’t any conflict, but they still had camaraderie and made magical music!

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    1. Not corny at all Christian…I know…it dispels the myths surrounding it. Some around them has said it was not that negative but all we have heard was negative things…Jackson said it was mostly positive.

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    1. I know…and talking to Linda…from what Glyn Johns said in his book…it was a pleasant experience through and through and they didn’t show that in the original movie.

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      1. I can see where there might have been some hard feelings, but I think they remained friends after the breakup. I remember Paul telling the story about the night Lorne Michaels offered money to see a reunion on SNL. Paul was at John were at John’s house watching it on TV, and seriously considered doing it…


    1. i would LOVE to sit through every minute of that 56 hour binge.
      Glyn Johns did say in his book that is was more happy than the finished film showed…Klein order a lot cut.

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