Keith Moon… September 7, 1978

No big secret to people who read my blog. If I could…I would post only on Keith Moon if I could. His drumming still amazes me every time I listen to it. No other drummer is the same.

Thanks to run-sew-read for reminding me of this date on Friday…On this date in 1978 the best drummer ever in Rock and Roll (in my opinion) passed away. His drumming gets overlooked because of his giant personality and the Moon the Loon image that still follows his name.

Not only is he my favorite drummer…he is without a doubt my favorite Rock Star. There have been interesting characters in Rock and Roll but none match Moon. He was born with a trait that few of us have…the dangerous ability to not feel embarrassment…That one trait keeps the rest of us in check… not Keith.

The world is a dull place without Keith around…safer? Oh yea… but where is the fun in that?

Keith Moon (1946-1978) - Find A Grave Memorial

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

33 thoughts on “Keith Moon… September 7, 1978”

  1. I still remember my Brother buying me the Isle of Wight Festival on DVD for my Bday years ago. It took us 10 seconds to realize Moon never used a hi-hat. lol What a style the dude had.
    I think I’ll listen to some Moon Who this am!

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    1. That will wake you up! If I had a mythical super rock band…Moonie would be there on drums. His image over rides his drumming at times…but that was his own fault lol.

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      1. Controlled Chaos! lol
        I read an interview with Neil Peart…Moon was one of his biggest influences…that surprised me in a way because they are so different but it was cool.

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      1. Ah the heck with it. I just posted one…I’ll save the other one til tomorrow…The other one is me going through youtube and finding short stories about him….from Alice Cooper and other people.

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    1. I bought that book when I was a teenager and have been a fan ever since…good news! They reprinted it recently. Now you can get it for a decent price.
      Before the reprint copies were selling for 150 bucks.

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      1. Actually I did, yes, thank you for asking. I’m on a simple “diet” plan that consists of eating only in an 8-hour window (intermittent fasting) and it has been giving me a lot more energy to do some things around the house and yard and to get out on my bike. It’s been good to get AFK for a bit. I didn’t see you much this weekend. How was yours?

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      2. Good for you…that is good for you. I need to fast….I’m staying away from caffeine so I have more energy. My weekend was lazy…but it was by design. I needed a break from work. I worked an hour today but that means I get tomorrow off without using a vac day.
        Well you didn’t want to hear that lol.

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      3. Thanks, Max, yes it is. You know what the best part of this simple plan is? The guilt of eating is GONE. As long as I stay within the 8-hour window, anything goes. You might think wow that could be bad, but in practice it works. Yesterday was the 3-week mark and having that guilt off my back has been so wonderful. Why did you go off of caffeine? I would think that you’d have less energy without it? I’m actually thinking about going back to work — a job from home. I realized I could buy more data and it isn’t hugely expensive compared to the money I could earn by working again. Glad you got some time to relax, Max. You earn your leisure time, my friend.

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      4. No caffeine is a depressant. When you get away from it…you will have headaches for 3 days but after are free from it….you will not only have more energy….your kidneys are not as busy breaking that down and can work on other things.
        You feel like a new person.

        I GOTTA do what you are doing. I’ve never fasted for that long but I’ve talked to people who have felt great afterward. I’ve heard good things about fasting…Your body does not need food every few hours.

        Thank you

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      5. Max, I really don’t think I can function without my coffee. It is what gets me started in the morning! With the fasting, this is how I’ve been doing it: I wait as long as possible in the morning before I eat anything. I usually go at least until 1-2pm. Once I eat something, I mark down the time 8 hours from there and stop then. I can eat whatever in that 8-hour period. It actually is easy to do.

        I’ll think about a trial of no caffeine but no promises!

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      6. LOL I totally get it! Its all about timing Lisa…I started mine on vacation…that way…by the time it was over…I was off of it. A doctor told me about it when I went on a diet and it worked…but since you are fasting…no I wouldn’t recommend it. I was off of it a year…I had so much more energy everyday…just a thought…if the timing is right one day…you may want to think about it. You will notice a difference in a couple of weeks.

        I do want to try what you are doing…to diet and to cleanse my body.

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      7. Good… it’s pretty good isnt it? That one is good…Robbie Robertson and Gregg Allmans are good…I wasn’t an Allman Brother fan….well big anyway until I read that.

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      8. Yes, I am loving every bit of the book. The more I learn about musicians the more I see them as society’s holy people. I know you will laugh at that especially in regards to Keith Richards and holiness but their ability to make music is a blessing that makes the world a better place.

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      9. No I get it. Musicians back then cared also…the audience cared too…music wasn’t just a product…yes it was a product but it meant more to people….both cared more is what I’m trying to say.

        But yes I know what you are talking about…it lifts people and gets their mind off of the world.

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