Classic TV Episodes: Are You Being Served? – Camping In

I watched this show on PBS when I was young but I started to watch it again during the 2000s and I haven’t stopped. I always loved this British sitcom. It wasn’t as clever as Fawlty Towers but not much is equal to that show. This show featured a very snobby class system with some silly gags but with no apologies. You could count on Mrs Slocombe’s “cat” being mentioned and would always hear…”Don’t worry…They’ll ride up with wear.” and Mr. Humphries declaring “I’m Free.” This show is the closest thing you will get to a time machine straight to the seventies.

Captain Stephen Peacock: Oh, yes, it brought back memories of the army. The lads, the heat, the sunset and the endless shifting sands.

Mr. Lucas: How long were you at Bognor Regis, Captain Peacock?

Captain Stephen Peacock: Mr. Lucas, when you were at school, I was with some of the toughest soldiers in the world, chasing Rommel through the desert.

Mr. Humphries: Some people have all the luck.


Are You Being Served: Camping In

The Characters: Mr. Lucas, Mrs. Slocombe, Captain Peacock, Mr. Humphries, Miss Brahms, Mr. Grainger, Mr. Rumbold, Mr. Mash, The Scottish Customer, The 38C Cup, The Large Brim with Fruit, The Secretary, The Man with the Large Bra, and The Leatherette Gloves

Due to a transport strike, the staff is forced to stay in the store overnight. Mr. Rumbold makes them sleep in tents—much to their displeasure. What at first seems to be a nightmare soon proves to be a chance for everyone to share in each other’s companionship.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

10 thoughts on “Classic TV Episodes: Are You Being Served? – Camping In”

  1. I agree. My mom and I would watch it together and laugh in the ’70s, maybe early ’80s, on PBS. It wasn’t as funny as Fawlty Towers, but it was fun and the characters were all vivid (although almost all politically incorrect by today’s standards.) I’ve never been in a store with that kind of merchandising and service, how ’bout you?

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    1. It was politically incorrect…probably the reason I love it so much lol. It was very colorful…you knew the characters so well you knew what was happening next.
      I hope some British posters will say something about it today. I read where that class system did exsist but by the time the show aired it was for the most part over.
      I remember the more upscale department stores but NOT this much service no. We had one called Harveys that had different departments that was really cool and more formal than a mall.


  2. This was a very funny show. The whole thing was done in double entendres that were as racy as they could get away with on the BBC. It was on one of our PBS stations (we have two in Atlanta) on Saturday nights for the longest time, until they went into permanent pledge drive mode. Maybe I can stream it somewhere (BritBox?)…

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    1. I think it’s also on Prime Video. Working in IT I met a lot of Dr Who fans and British show fans in general…I think it’s a rule in IT that you like them all…i have all of them from DVD’s. The show is a lot of fun.


  3. I didn’t acquire the taste for this show until about 10 years ago. Then I couldn’t figure out why it took me so long. It’s absurdly entertaining. I worked in one of those old time family-owned department stores when I was in college. Maybe that’s why it took me longer to appreciate the humor; it was too real, ha.

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    1. I have read where the class system that the show portrays went on for quite a bit. It is a fun show.
      The catchphrases never got old


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