Tales from the Crypt 1972

My favorite anthology horror film of the seventies. Five different stories…this one is worth hunting down to watch.

PowerPop... An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

Horror + Joan Collins… It works well in this.

This is a very good Anthology horror movie. If you like seeing bad people getting their due…this is for you.

I watched this movie as a seven-year-old on television. This movie set me straight for a while…no misbehaving after watching this. It’s got a feel of the Twilight Zone set in the early 1970s with vivid green nature surrounding that only 1970’s England on film can give you.

5 strangers travel through caves and wonder how and why they all got there as they meet a Crypt Keeper. One by one each has a story that is shown.

It still works now. The stories are well written and my favorite is “Blind Alleys” about someone who could care less about the welfare of other people. Actor Patrick Magee is great in this one. He also appeared in A Clockwork Orange as the…

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Author: Badfinger (Max)

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6 thoughts on “Tales from the Crypt 1972”

    1. Oh yea I remember the tv show in the 80s. This one is a really good one. A young Joan Collins…I forgot she was ever that young. It has a good cast and stories.

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