David Cassidy

Quentin Tarantino:  I actually think David Cassidy is one of the most underrated vocal performers in the history of rock & roll.

David Cassidy: “The problem is my name is David Cassidy, and nobody takes what I do seriously.”

I have always joked with my sister about how much she liked The Osmonds and David Cassidy when she was younger (and probably still does). I will have to admit…I always respected David Cassidy…now the Osmonds? Uh…NO NO NO.

David Cassidy, I always felt kinda bad for because the man had talent and he was a good guitar player, drummer, and singer…not to mention actor. Once he appeared in the Partridge Family though…the thought of being any more than a teen pinup was over. On the set with the Partridge Family, he would play the guitar between takes…play riffs like Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile and other rock songs he loved and wanted to play.

Kim Carnes and her husband, Dave Ellingson worked with Cassidy from 1971 through 1974 backing him up in concert, writing with him, and recording. Kim Carnes: We felt so badly for David because in his reviews they would usually just blast him. He couldn’t just brush it off. It made him feel horrible. Over the years, he would gradually introduce songs that weren’t Partridge Family songs into the show, just so he could be a little more satisfied. He longed to be able to make the kind of records that he loved to listen to.

David’s parents were actor Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward. Jack Cassidy was said to be an alcoholic and grew jealous of David’s success in the seventies. In 1976 he had been out drinking and fell asleep with a cigarette and died in the fire. Evelyn died of dementia with David looking after her in 2012. His stepmom was Shirley Jones…who played his mom in the Partridge Family.

David rose to superstardom in the early to mid-seventies. In the eighties, his fame declined in America but was better in the UK and he started to play musical theater. David returned to the Billboard top 40 in 1990 with Lying to Myself which peaked at #27 which would be his last Billboard hit.

He played Las Vegas, acted and tour until his death of liver failure in 2017.





Author: Badfinger (Max)

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9 thoughts on “David Cassidy”

  1. Once he had those “Tiger Beat” cooties on him, it was all over. Shame, too: he had a good voice and I’m sure he was a better than average musician besides. I thought his cover of The Association’s “Cherish” was pretty good…

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    1. Yea I liked that cover also.
      My sister saw him twice in the early seventies. I remember being in the car at 4 years old…seeing these girls going crazy…It is too bad he couldn’t get a chance to do what he wanted.


  2. He was huge in the uk. I loved The Partridge Family, show and records, as a kid. He could do tender (I’m A Clown), full-throttle (I Think I Love You) and he could do a cover and make it the definitive version (arguably) – Dusty’s version of How Can I Be Sure is great, but David’s is pure invested emoting.

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    1. I loved the show…I like the interplay between him and Danny…and also…someone reminded me of this last week…. Reuben Kincaid and Danny.

      Cassidy could have done about anything but as far as his rock career…that stopped it. I did read in the UK he was much bigger as his fame declined here.

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  3. I liked the show when I was a kid, but don’t really recall it well enough to remember if he was a good actor or not in it. Never knew he could play instruments though. I do recall that I liked his version of “How Can I Be Sure?” – thought that was a fine pop single, probably should actually get more airplay on oldies radio than it does

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  4. I had a teenaged crush on him just like the rest of the girls, and he had a good voice. So sorry he was discarded after his 15 minutes of fame and very sorry to learn he’s passed on already.


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