In defense of frozen pizza…

Every time I eat pizza now I think of this post by Mojo Horizon. Not only that but he has a great taste in music… as well as pizza.

Mojo Horizon

“My name is Brian and I’m a pizza-holic…Hi, Brian.” Sad, but true. There are so very few things you can count on in this world. (If you’re in doubt, just check out your local meteorologist’s forecast track record. That’s where the real job security is. ) Pizza, more specifically in its frozen-store-bought form, has always been there for me. Maybe it’s just a case of lowered expectations, but there’s something comforting about frozen pizza. It was there when I was a kid, as a teen, and it’s still there for me as an adult. Now that I think about it, I don’t even think comfort food was an actual term for a good deal of those years. Hmm. While some of your more uppity “foodies” will describe it as not unlike cardboard, I disagree. Somebody has to be buying the stuff, right? I mean you could stop in a grocery…

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Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

20 thoughts on “In defense of frozen pizza…”

  1. Cracking up on the frozen pizza post! I actually love frozen pizza myself. First of all, it’s there. I only have to walk to the kitchen, open the box and put it in the oven. Secondly, it’s cheaper. If I catch a good sale, I can get 2 pizzas for $10, while one pizza from the pizzeria nearby is at least $15. Last but not least, the smell of pizza fills our home with the aroma of an authentic Italian restaurant. Frozen pizza for dinner again? You got my vote!

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    1. I just had to reblog it…that was one of my favorite posts ever. If you ever get the chance to get a Little Ceasars Pizza Kit…they usually sell them only for fund raisers…get it…you wont regret it. Thank you.

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  2. Yeah, some frozen pizzas are lacking (especially the microwave ones) but some are excellent. I especially like the Digorno/Delissio (think they’re Digorno here in US, Delissio back in canada) rising crust… very good , nice crust , great sauce, decent amount of toppings, and a large for about $5 compared to a smaller one with much fewer toppings for that at Little Caesar or about $9 or more at a Dominos or local shop. Used to be a staple for me, but lately my tummy can’t take quite the same amount as it used to, but still love it once in awhile.

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      1. Not big on thin crusts but Red Baron is fairly good, also very affordable.
        But stomach makes me feel my age more than anything else…like ,a big spoon of baked beans at a time now.15 years back I could eat a can at a time, 3 or 4 days a week.

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  3. That was a hoot. Pizza Hut is the supplier of my pizza drug of choice. But I’m also a sucker for the $1 frozen pizzas from Dollar General. Four minutes in the air fryer and my taste buds are savoring the cardboard crust with sauce, cheese, and about five little 1/4-inch cubes of sausage on top.

    I love that name, Mojo Horizon. And it’s ‘Mr.’ Mojo Horizon to anyone who doesn’t get the reference. :p

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    1. When I first read it… I broke up laughing. My frozen one is Red Baron thin crust… You have a real Pizza Hut right? One of the originals?


      1. That video and page is great! You told me about the Pizza Hut you go to…I think does things the old way still…I wish the rest would.


      2. The Pizza Hut I go to is just like all of the others. They don’t toss the crust anymore. I’m trying to think of a place I might have told you about, but I’m coming up blank. It may have been someone else.

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      3. It may have been a defunct place when I had that post or I could be remembering wrong.

        That building looks small… but looks like a cool place to see.

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