May 25, 1935: Ruth hits the last 3 home runs of his career

84 years ago today on May 25, 1935, Babe Ruth was a Boston Brave in his last season in the Major Leagues. He was showing his age at 40 years old and the Yankees let him go and he signed with the Braves.

The Braves traveled to Forbes Field to play the Pirates and were 8-19 going into the game. Babe was hurting and out of shape. He rose to the occasion one more time in his long career. He ended up going 4-4 with 6 RBI’s and most importantly 3 home runs. His 712, 713, and 714th of his career.

The last home run he hit on this day would be his last in his career. Pirates pitcher Guy Bush pitched to him in the seventh inning and Ruth not only homered (his second off Bush for the day and third altogether of the day) but the ball went out of the park. Not just over the fence but clearing Forbes Field’s right field roof—for the first time in the ballpark’s 26-year history.

That is called going out in style. Babe Ruth had a dramatic touch about him and would rise to the occasion time and time again.

Babe would not get another hit in his career but he would retire five days later on May 30, 1935. His wife and agent wanted him to retire after this game but he wanted to honor his commitment to the owner of the Braves to play through Memorial Day Weekend.





Author: Badfinger (Max)

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8 thoughts on “May 25, 1935: Ruth hits the last 3 home runs of his career”

  1. Pirate usher Phil Coyne who retired after 81 years at the age of 99 just two seasons ago- was there that day. I wish I had seen The Babe play. I got to go to some games at Forbes Field as a kid and knew how The Babe had hit his last home runs there including one over the right field roof. I thought it was cool I was at the place where The Babe hit his last ones…

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    1. For some reason I didn’t think about you being at Forbes Field that had to be great as a kid. The guy was incredible about rising to the occasion. If I could see anyone play from the past it would be him. He had to be incredibly strong. I guess the only places left that he played are Wrigley Field and Fenway…maybe a park somewhere from barnstorming..

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      1. Its kind of sad the Dodger Stadium is I believe the 3rd oldest park in the majors. In England there are soccer stadiums still from the late 1800’s… I was able to go to I’d estimate 18-20 games at Forbes Field 1968-69 and they moved to Three Rivers in June of 70- my grandfather took me to the next to last game at Forbes- a Saturday game vs Cubs.

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      2. A lot of history in that park… Honus Wagner to Stargell. You can say you were there. Are there any markers now?

        It is sad that America will tear down so quick… though the “Trop” still stands. If McCourt would have bought the Red Sox his plan was to tear Fenway down.

        I hated seeing Tiger and Yankee Stadium go.

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      3. The part of the left field wall where Mazeroski’s home run went over-still stands and I think the home plate is where it was- inside a building that is part of the University of Pittsburgh. Every year on October 13 a crowd will appear near the wall and listen to the radio broadcast of Game 7 of 1960…I should join the crowd some year.

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      4. That is a great way to remember that stadium-homer… that would be a cool experience…I love things like that.

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      5. Every year or so they would run a story on the gathering in the Pittsburgh paper- there are a hundred or so that show up.. I remember there were no big farewell’s for Forbes back then but a few years later everyone was missing it.. new wasn’t necessarily better.

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