Moody Blues – Go Now

What a mood this song creates. This is before the Moody Blues went searching for the lost chord…or evolved into a more progressive type band. They are just a beat group at this stage but the song’s arrangement pointed to a different direction. The singer is Denny Laine that later ended  up playing with Paul McCartney and Wings. He quit the Moody Blues in 1966 and was replaced by Justin Hayward.

The song peaked at #10 on the Billboard 100, #2 in Canada and  #1 in the UK in 1965.

Go Now

We’ve already said “goodbye”
Since you gotta go, oh you’d better
Go now, go now, go now (go now, ooh)
Before you see me cry?
I don’t want you to tell me just what you intend to do now
‘Cause how many times do I have to tell you darlin’, darlin’
I’m still in love with you now
Whoa oh oh oh
We’ve already said “so long”
I don’t want to see you go, oh you’d better
Go now, go now, go now (go now, ooh)
Don’t you even try?
Tellin’ me that you really don’t want it to end this way
‘Cause darlin’, darlin’, can’t you see I want you to stay, yeah
Since you gotta go, oh you’d better
Go now, go now, go now (go now, ooh)
Before you see me cry
I don’t want you to tell me just what you intend to do now
‘Cause how many times do I have to tell you darlin’, darlin’
I’m still in love, still in love with you now
Ooh ooh ooh
I don’t want to see you go but darlin’, you better go now


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

22 thoughts on “Moody Blues – Go Now”

  1. Love this one! I think in the UK charts, Go Now is still the Moodies’ only #1. Hard to believe. During these early days, the Moodies were managed by Brian Epstein and toured with The Beatles. In the past two or three years, Denny Laine has been touring and does a nice show, performing Go Now and some other old MB songs and stories, and then some Wings songs and stories. I don’t want to totally ruin the surprise, but Live and Let Die does get loud. 😉 He’s accompanied by a band called the Cryers, and they are very good in their own right. Finally Denny and the Moodies are Hall-of-Famers.

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    1. Seeing your posts with the Moodies has rekindled my love for them. My favorite is probably The Story in your Eyes. I also like their 80s stuff like The Voice, Once Upon a Time…there is just so many.
      I read where Denny was overlooked but the Hall of Fame corrected it…thank goodness. I will be looking out for his show…thank you.

      This song is just so different from other songs from the era…ahead of its time.
      Thank you as always.


      1. Good point about this song at that time. I like a lot of music from the 60s-70s era, but I admit, the Moodies get a bit more exposure from me than the others. Their songs are the ones that come to mind, so many times. Yes, it’s great that Denny was included in the HOF induction. That would have been yet another HOF ‘wrong’ if he’d been overlooked.

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      2. The 60’s-70s is the period that is greatest to me. The Moody Blues had great melodies and interesting arrangements that stayed grounded. If that makes sense. Some other progressive bands went out to left field a little too much.

        The HOF is notorious for “wrong” I’m glad they got something right.

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      1. That was cool that you got to meet him. He seems like a good guy. I’ve always liked his voice.


      2. That’s great you met him! He did a ‘proper’ meet and greet at the show I attended. It was nicer than an overpriced line up stand and shoot photo op. He signed my old ‘Magnificent Moodies’ album, and got a chuckle from me bringing it. Then at the end of the show he came out with the Cryers, and visited with the audience members who stuck around down at the stage. He was very approachable and personable, as you say. I loved the Wings tracks he did too. It was a real treat to hear him do those and the really old Moodies songs.

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      3. I’m envious of both of ya… Everywhere I read…people have said he treats his fans like gold…it’s good to see that.

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  2. The first time I heard this song was on Wings Over America when Denny Laine sang it. I think this is the first big like/dislike of a band we’ve had- I am not a Moody Blues fan at all.

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    1. I do like some of their hits like “The Story In Your Eyes” and compared to some of the other progressive bands…they had some good melodies…. I remember I got into them when Long Distance Voyager came out also.

      Same with me on the Wings album though.
      Thats ok… we agree on the most important one…and the second.

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  3. I bought the single of this when it first came out (might still have it though no longer have anything to play my vinyl on). Great song. I was quite shocked when the Moody Blues turned their idea of trippy! I got used to it though. I listen to the later incarnation sometimes, when I’m in the mood. It tends to bring back memories of rather emotional times, so it’s not frequent listening for me.

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    1. The song itself has a mood to it. It transports me to somewhere else.
      The band did change quite a bit after this…from R&B to progressive and a bit of psychedelic.

      I got rid of my turntable also years ago but now my 19 year old son really is into vinyl so we got another. I’m really liking it again.

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      1. My husband has a turntable and lent it to me a few years ago and I, unfortunately, managed to break the needle (I’ve no idea how, it’s not something that had ever happened before) and we’ve been unable to replace it. But I have kept quite a lot of my records, mostly for their covers.

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      2. Oh no… I’ve messed up a few needles also in my life. Turntables are getting popular again. New bands are coming out with vinyl and it makes me happy.
        I love the album art…I do miss that.

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