Great Power Pop Bands that never got their due…


Seems like these bands were either too pop for rock radio or to rock for pop radio…The bands that come to mind are…

Badfinger – The most tragic story of any band in Rock History….although out of this list they did have the most hits… No Matter What, Day After Day Come and Get It and Baby Blue …one of my personal favorites out of many Midnight Caller…and Name of the Game…also  I would have loved to see what Pete Ham could have done later on if he would have lived…. This is the one that many people didn’t know that they wrote. Without You

Big Star – Great songs with great melodies that never caught on that influenced many bands to come after. September Gurls , Thirteen , Ballad of El Goodo In The Street these are just a few. This band should have been massive.

The Raspberries– Great hooks and they had a masterpiece that went unnoticed… Overnight Sensation…One of my favorite songs of all time. Their biggest hit was  Go All The Way. All their songs have great hooks with Carmen’s voice.

The Knack – Good Girls Don’t and of course My Sharona. 

The JayhawksI’m Gonna Make You Love Me , Blue

The Replacements

Who else?




Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

31 thoughts on “Great Power Pop Bands that never got their due…”

    1. Thanks… I’ve always liked Badfinger and thought they should have been bigger than what they were…talented group.


  1. I have yet to read one of your articles that I don’t end up downloading music. I attempt to write about history, in a way that’s interesting and engaging. You write about “history” too, but in a way that’s just an avalanche of fun with so many great memories I can’t count them all. I love your work and I’m glad I stumbled into it. Thanks for what you do. All the best. Happy Independence Day – Rick.

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    1. Hey, I write about the shallow Pop Culture stuff…you write about the important stuff. You are teaching me a lot…thank you so much for the compliment. I feel the same about your stuff.

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  2. I think Doughboys, a band from Canada who made the album ”Crush” and The Nils (frontman Alex Soria RIP), also from Canada are 2 bands that should have been on the top shelves of the record stores!!!

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      1. I did…I also looked up some other stuff by them on youtube when I read it. I do like his stuff. I talked to some Canadian friends I knew but they had never heard of them…its terrible on how it turned out.

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  3. Badfinger were the greatest of all I think. Even based only on their four hits plus Without You, they would still be the greatest of all. I don’t even know if there’s any other power pop bands who even managed to have more than one hit. Usually they have zero and if they’re really really lucky they might have one. I guess the Raspberries had two actual hits. I used to like Dwight Twilley Band’s first two albums. Were The Babys power pop? Cuz I like their little hits they had too.

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    1. Well obviously as you know I love Badfinger. I think they were the first real power pop band. I love Big Star as well but they didn’t have the hits because of the record company basically folded during their first two albums.
      I do like Dwight Twilley also… It can be argued that the Cars first album could be classified as a genre of power pop and parts of Tom Petty but they didn’t have that crunch that Badfinger had.

      Power pop is hard to pin down…but yes I would consider The Babys part of it.


  4. I can think of two others that were hits that would be in my top 10 right behind Badfinger. Both of them are knockouts, and they’re from the New Wave era but people seem to call them power pop rather than New Wave for some reason. Greg Kihn Band The Breakup Song, and The Romantics’ What I Like About You. I think they are absolute knockouts

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    1. YES….they both fit! The Breakup Song is fantastic and I liked What I Liked About You. Another one around the same time is Tommy Tutone’s 867-5309 Jenny.

      Of course we are not counting the underground bands at the time…


      1. Like which underground bands? Who are some of the ones that you mean. Do you have a list or anything of your top ones? Did you ever make a list.

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      2. During the eighties the two biggest alt bands I knew were The Replacements (which I consider the best band of that decade to me…for my tastes), REM before they made it,

        The others I’ve blogged about after learning about them are XTC, Rain Parade, Dukes of Stratosphear (XTC offshoot band), The Jam (I did know them back then), Ride – Twisterella (check that one out)… The 80s had a “scene” called the Paisley Underground Scene…which produced some fantastic bands….they weren’t top 40 material back then.


  5. Oh yeah I remember Rain Parade and I used to listen to that Dream Syndicate album all the time. And some other ones of that scene I remember. This is like when I was probably in high school and I used to listen to College radio all the time. and they always played bands like that

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    1. Yea I went to high school between 82-85… many of those bands I missed out on. I was always moaning about the lack of music that I liked in the top 40….if I would have known about those others…I would have been listening.


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