Happy New Year To Powerpop Readers!

I want to thank everyone who has read my blog this year and the last few years. I ran this last year and I’ve added many more names! It’s so much fun communicating with all of you. I’ve been told my blog is a place people come to comment like sitting around a campfire. That is the way I hope it is. I’m not a real writer so I just write as if I’m talking to you in a room.

I started this blog in September 2017 and I have learned a lot from reading your blogs and interacting with you all. It was cool to find fellow Big Star, Beatles, Who, Twilight Zone, Baseball, Jazz, Classical, Power Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Old Country, Surf, Classic TV, Classic Movie, the 1970s, fans…. and everything in between.

In 2016 I would not have believed I would be communicating with people in different states across America plus the world…such as New Zealand, The UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Columbia, Australia, India, France, Sweden, Spain, and more! I’m also learning more about new music, old new music, cool old and new movies, and most of all…people. I probably comment too much at times but it’s a lot of fun learning.

I was hesitant to do this post because I know I will miss someone …if I did… it wasn’t on purpose.

I’ve commented with you all, emailed many of you, talked to some of you over the phone, and met one of you. Thank you all once again.

I didn’t know where New Zealand was until I started to talk to Bruce,  Graham, and Obbverse…after talking to them I would love to visit there. They also leave some of the best comments of anyone.

I’ve learned about Australia and Columbia…and classical music from Matt

A fellow Big Star and mid-60s pop/rock fan! Obbverse

I’ve even listened to Heavy Metal and Canadian bands from Canadians Deke and Dave and became friends with both.

I’ve read great stories and read poems for really the first time from Lisa and Bruce. I still don’t know much about them but I’m learning.

Learned about new music from Jeff, Graham, and Christian.

Learned even more about the Beatles and music from Hanspostcard

Learned even more about baseball from Hanspostcard, John,  and Dave

Looked at sewing machines as works of art with run-sew-read and learned more about The Moody Blues, books, and movies.

Learned a whole lot about the Grateful Dead and music from Jim

My guide to 80’s alternative bands from Paul and Dave

Learned so much about movies from Bernie… a great movie reviewer and person.

Fellow Twilight Zone fan Beth

the press music reviewsexcellent top-notch posts on music and I love the alternate album covers you present.

I’ve started to comment a lot with walkingoffthechessboard

Getting to know Paul and Colin at onceuponatime70s … with that title how could I not like them?

Loudhorizon where I find rare bands of the 60s and 70s.

Commenting with Under The Mask

Vinyl Connection for all the info on albums that I love and music in general.

Monday songs from Eden make my Mondays better.

Recently commenting with halffastcyclingclub

Liam…another great blogger I met through our TV Draft last year.

I’ve had a good time commenting about music with princecranoir

How radio really works and more about family from Keith… Keith

Learning every number 1 from the UK with Stewart

I’m learning a lot about cover versions from randydafoe

About life and friendship from my friend Vic,

Wonderful life stories from Mitch,

Album reviews from 2loud2oldmusic and Graham

Learned about Chicago and interesting music from fan and fellow musician John 

One of my favorite blogs from Mojo Horizon

Restaurants to eat at from Blaine. I want to make it down to Louisana so I can try these wonderful restaurants that he recommends.

Detailed history from Rick

MobsterTiger who is kind enough to re-blog some of my posts.

Kingclover who I’ve got to know more about this year talking about music.

Cooking and Saint Bernards from Jeanne

Inspiring writing from Pam

Writing and an author… Steve Campbell

Movies from Master Mix Movies

Off-the-radar songs and movies, and everything cool from Cincinnati  Babyhead (CB)

ALWAYS cool music from Hotfox63

Some of the most entertaining  true stories I’ve ever heard from Phil Strawn

I got to know Paula Light from our TV Show draft.

Great posts and one of my first followers…and fellow Monkee fan Blackwing

Nashville music history from my cousin Ricky

Comics from Harry Chamberlain

Learning about all the places that usfman travels

Stories from James

Just recently commenting with Dana at Regular Girl Devos

Awesome Cartoons from Hobo Cartoons

Sheree for dropping by my site every day.

The writing of Jason 

Fellow power pop fan Mike and fellow Nashvillian.

Great posts from Mark

Again if I missed anyone I’m sorry…I just ran through this off the top of my head.

Thanks to everyone and have a Happy New Year to you and your family from Powerpop.blog (and it’s curator…Max). We survived 2020, 2021 and 2022…lets make this one better!



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

51 thoughts on “Happy New Year To Powerpop Readers!”

  1. It is true…you are “campfire guy.” We all hangout at “your place” and discuss things. You have gathered so many of us that, a zoom meeting wouldn’t even work at this point.

    I HOPE 2023 is grand for all of us.

    Our music tastes differ a little but, I chalk that up to you being a musician. You have a greater perspective than my pedestrian leanings. I always find something new, here. You are a fellow Surf & Drag and, 70s music lover like me. Thanks for the shout-out. 💖

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      1. This was a nice sentiment of what you pick up and learn from others. It is a wonderful reflection. You just counted your blessings…and we are all, collectively smiling. It’s unfortunate that we all don’t live in the same town. Can you imagine the parties?

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      2. Speaking of…another blogger posted some songs and one of them, a Coasters piece, I hadn’t heard in years…Along Came Jones (ha-ha). I went digging on your site to see if you had ever posted about it. You have not one post on The Coasters (that I could find). That surprises me. Do you not like them, much? I just found out that they were the very first group inducted into the hall of fame.

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      3. No I like them…my dad had some of their albums…I would like to cover them….now I will! I also haven’t covered The Supremes either…and that surprised me.

        I will get them now.


  2. Happy New Year to you as well Max! I’m humbled to be a part of your list, I too might be clicking through on some. Problem is where does one get the time! if it’s coming from you they have to be interesting so that’s good motivation. Cheers everyone!

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  3. Happy new year to you Max! Thanks for the shout-out in there, and for making that list. Like Randy said, wish there was time enough to keep up with reading all of their posts, there’s a lot of interesting material in there.

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  4. Great post, Max, and thanks for the kind shoutout. As I recently commented to Bruce from Vinyl Connection, while total views and total number of visitors of my blog were down this year, the number of likes and comments were flat. Those last two are the most meaningful metrics to me, since they reflect true engagement. And it’s that interaction with fellow bloggers I love the most. I also feel I learn a ton of new things about music in the process!

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    1. My pleasure Christian…I appreciate everyone who takes the time to drop by my place and I know you feel the very same.
      The comments are what I do this for. I do understand that some don’t like commenting and that is alright also.
      Thanks for reading Christian…

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      1. The comments are where any blogs humanity is, with all the fellow followers along with all our cock-eyed observations, frailties and foibles. Thank god it isn’t a bland cookie cutter world!

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    1. You have some quirkiness about your posts that I do…so I relate completely. And yea quirkiness is a compliment! Thank you for reading!


  5. Max, your commitment to blogging and the welcoming environment in the comments community are appreciated. I’ve learned a bunch from you and others who have gathered here. Thanks, buddy, for the nod. A wonderful 2023 is here. A toast to happy blogging for all of us. Cheers!

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      1. My Pleasure…I’ll be getting to your last two posts soon. We had a virus to hit my wife, me, and my son and I’m really behind.


  6. Happy new year! I just stumbled onto you recently and am now along for the ride. As Richard Reicheg wrote “we were singing oldies, but they were newies then”. With an 82 year old brother who is a musician, there isn’t much that I didn’t hear when it was new;). Thanks for the shout out.

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  7. Happy new year to you too Max. I’m honored to be included among the many great blogs that you read. Yours is a wonderful place to find old favorites and new music to add to my playlists. Keep up the good work. And thanks again for linking me, though the address is not valid after I shut down my old blog in favor of https://stevecampbellcreations.com last year so I could showcase my art and poetry. It was a bittersweet decision after blogging at my old site for more than a decade. But I’m slowly building up friends and followers all over again, which is always fun to do.

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    1. I’m so sorry Steve…I changed it so now it will be correct next year. I don’t know why that didn’t cross my mind. I even updated your last name that I didn’t have before. How I forgot that I don’t know.

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  8. Looks like I got an extra Christmas present this year logging in today and seeing this post. This was a wonderful idea, Max. A shout-out to blogging buddies is a true gift for all of us. I hope you and yours have a great 2023, and I look forward to many more conversations…especially about music…and of course, Peanuts!


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