Cort – Plant Girl

The reason I came across this artist is that my son (Bailey) worked on this video of him. It’s a good pop/rock song and I thought I would pass it along. It’s a good song…give it a chance. Bailey worked as the DoP and Colorist.

This is from Spotify:

Raised in Minneapolis, 20 year old Cort Dingman combines elements of jazz, psychedelia, funk, alternative, blues, and more, into an indie rock sound. Filled with colorful licks, soulful chords, and an improvisational structure, Cort’s songs offer a unique sound that is likely to please your ears. 

His cherished relationship with music began when he was 10, when he first picked up the saxophone. He then took a year of piano lessons, and began teaching himself. Not long after, Cort picked up drums, bass, uke, and finally guitar at the age of 16. He began making his own music in the form of Lofi-Jazz around this time, but after branching out in genre, he felt the need to pick the pace of his music up a bit. 

One thing that makes Cort stand out is his connection of color to music. Since he began playing, he corresponded colors to each note, due to a condition known as color synesthesia.  Cort feels his distinctiveness and use of experimentation is most visible is his most recent work, in the form of upcoming album, “Tinted Vibrations”. This is his most authentic and meaningful project, inspired by vast changes made in his life during this time, struggles he’s come across in his relationships, and an eye-opening realization of what life means to him versus the contemplated triviality of life and the universe itself. 

Cort is now based in Nashville, TN, where he continues striving and working toward his dream of making music something he can make the most of in this life.

Video details: Director – Sean Wenning DoP and Colorist – Bailey Gower Editor – Jacob Brawley Assistant Editor – Molly Pemelton

Plant Girl

I saw her alone sitting next to me
The words all seem so pointless but we’ve got nowhere to be
Her eyes were shining bright but were
Afraid to see the light
She keeps me on my toes but I don’t
Know where this’ll go ‘cos
I can’t see through my own eyes
I’d like to think that this is right
And you are everything I’d need but
I’m scared of my own head, and what it makes me think
Your lips shift time, passing by
I don’t wonder why
The plants in her room speak to me as we
Hold each other close
She asks me what I’m thinking and I’ll say that
I don’t know, ‘cos
My mind’s moving way to fast
I try to tell you what I can
And you don’t see what I see
You’re perfect and I’ll always try to
Be just what you need


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

39 thoughts on “Cort – Plant Girl”

  1. Good for Bailey! A professional looking video. It’s a good one for his portfolio. I have an idea of what the DoP (I assume director of photography) does but what was his role as ‘colorist’? Hope it gets him some more work , you’re in the right city (or one of the three or four) for music vids. As for the song itself, I like Cort’s guitar playing, has a neat sort of retro vibe to the whole sound which shows potential I imagine.

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    1. The color part they had trouble with…after they shoot it they set the colors to warm bright or whatever…he had some problems getting it right with the software they use but finally found out what was wrong…I thought it looked pretty good.
      Yea that guy is a talented player no doubt.


    2. Colorist is when someone raw footage out of a camera and makes sure the exposure is correct…it goes into shadows and mid-tones etc… to make sure it is properly exposed and the color is not clipping. He just needed to bring out the colors more and saturation.


  2. Nice! Good job on the video! Had a listen to a couple tracks from Cort’s latest album…. very pleasant sort of dream-pop. Kinda in the Tame Impala mode, I’d say from the wee bits I heard. 🙂

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      1. Hahaha. We could have all used a kid like Bailey back than but it was all about filming with a camcorder and VHS tape lol. Compared to now we were like the Flintstones back in the 80s lol

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  3. Good young new voice, and ya gotta be proud of Bailey- it’s what a parent wants to see, isn’t it?
    I first became aware of Colorist (or, as we say here, Colourist,) watching behind-the-scenes’Dexter,’ where they had to make grey concrete LA look like loud bright and vibrant and Miami. They changed background building tones etc and added a bit of CGI. The things that are done behind the scenes never ceases to amaze.


  4. Congrats to Bailey, Max, I had no idea he’s studying to become a videographer – hope my characterization is doing it justice. So when is he going to produce your next video? 🙂

    Joking aside, Bailey did a great job. I also like Cort’s guitar sound and that he’s a true multi-instrumentalist. All pretty cool stuff!

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    1. Yes he is studying to be a cinematographer. He graduates in May so he will be able to do corporate or any videos or movies…which is cool.
      Thanks man I really appreciate it…glad you liked it. I appreciate you giving it a chance.

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  5. I really like “Plant Girl”, with its bouncy groove and shimmery guitars. Cort’s brand of alternative indie pop is right up my alley. He’s a talented young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with quite a large following; his 2020 single “Yesterday” has had over a million streams on Spotify! The video’s great too, and I like the warm, sunny tones. Kudos to Bailey for his fine work!

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