Fats Domino – Walking to New Orleans

Fats Domino was one of the top artists of the 50s. He wasn’t wild or flashy like his peers but he was just good or better. When I think of the fifties…this is just me personally…I think of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Elvis, and last but not least… Fats Domino. Vastly different styles but all are great.

Domino was the youngest of eight children in a musical family, he spoke Creole French before learning English. At age 7 his brother in law taught him how to play the piano. By the time he was 10, he was already performing as a singer and pianist.

Fat’s first hit in the Billboard 100 was the great “Aint That A Shame” in 1955 written by  Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew that peaked at #16 and his last charting song was a cover of the Beatles “Lady Madonna”(great version) that peaked at #100 in 1968. He had 45 songs in the top 100 and 4 top 10 hits…many more top 10 hits in the R&B Charts.

As soon as these artists faded at the end of the fifties and Buddy died…there were 3 or 4 weak years in the early sixties until that band from Liverpool came…gosh I can’t remember their name.

Walking To New Orleans

This time I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m going to need two pair of shoes
When I get through walkin’ me blues
When I get back to New Orleans

I’ve got my suitcase in my hand
Now, ain’t that a shame
I’m leavin’ here today
Yes, I’m goin’ back home to stay
Yes, I’m walkin’ to New Orleans

You used to be my honey
Till you spent all my money
No use for you to cry
I’ll see you bye and bye
‘Cause I’m walkin’ to New Orleans

I’ve got no time for talkin’
I’ve got to keep on walkin’
New Orleans is my home
That’s the reason while I’m gone
Yes, I’m walkin’ to New Orleans

I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans
I’m walkin’ to New Orleans


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

24 thoughts on “Fats Domino – Walking to New Orleans”

    1. Glad I could be of help Bruce! Someone gave me the original “I’m Walking” single when I was a kid and I’ve been a fan ever since…plus on Happy Days I loved Blueberry Hill.

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  1. What a terrific artist Fats Domino was. I just don’t get tired of his cool rolling piano style. Once again, it also goes to show you don’t need to be flashy to be great!

    In May 2019, I came across a nice Chuck Berry and Fats Domino tribute album by George Benson, “Walking to New Orleans.” I believe it was the first time I heard that tune.

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    1. He was a great artist…I’m picky about Beatles covers but he did Lady Madonna and Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey well.

      I love his piano playing.

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      1. Yes I’ve heard that cover also. Lady Madonna was made for him totally. He could have released that in the fifties and it would have worked.

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  2. fine song I’m vaguely familiar with. you’re right, Fats probably got unduly skinny respect compared to some of the other 50s stars. Surprised no one (notable at least) has done a cover of this song , or made it famous anyway.

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    1. I don’t get why he wasn’t as celebrated…maybe it’s because he was behind the piano and wasn’t wild like Jerry Lee. He is an artist that I regret not seeing.


  3. Fats was unique in that he played R&B with a New Orleans flair. There was a little of Bourbon Street in his sound, no matter what he was playing. The horns and the walking bass lines were there. He covered The Beatles’ “Everybody’s Got Somewhere To Hide Except Me and My Monkey,” and you could taste the Creole spices in there. I know that’s a strange way to describe him, but listen and you hear it…


      1. I know it flooded for Katrina in 2005. The entire lower 9th ward flooded. And about 8 blocks east of his house you enter St. Bernard Parish. That’s the only Parish that completely flooded. One story houses were totally underwater. But Fats rebuild and lived there until his death.

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      2. It’s no telling what the man lost at the time. When we had the 2010 Nashville floods…it was awful…many didn’t have flood insurance

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