The Equals – Baby Come Back

If you were wondering what Eddy Grant did before Electric Avenue…wonder no more. He was writing this song for the band he was in called The Equals.

The Equals were a pop/reggae/rock group that formed in North London, England in 1965. Eddy Grant, founded the group. Also in the original line-up were the twin brothers Derv and Lincoln Gordon, as well as John Hall and Pat Lloyd. They were noted as being the first major interracial rock group in the UK and one of the few racially mixed bands of the era.

This song was originally released in 1966 as a B side. Throughout Europe DJ’s started to play this song and it charted in Germany. It was re-released in 1968 in the UK and it peaked at #1 and in the US it made it to #32.

In 1980, The Clash recorded a cover version of the Equals’ song “Police on My Back”. Willie Nelson also covered the song in 2006.

Baby Come Back would be their only charting song in America but in the UK they found success.

  • “I Get So Excited” / “The Skies Above” – (1968) (UK #44)
  • “Baby Come Back” / “Hold Me Closer” – (1968) (UK #1, IRL #2, NOR #4, U.S. #32)
  • “Laurel And Hardy” / “The Guy Who Made Her a Star” – (1968) (UK #35)
  • “Softly Softly” / “Lonely Rita” – (1968) (UK #48)
  • “Michael and The Slipper Tree” / “Honey Gum” – (1969) (UK #24)
  • “Viva Bobby Joe” / “I Can’t Let You Go” – (1969) (UK #6, IRL #3)
  • “Rub A Dub Dub” / “After the Lights Go Down Low” – (1969) (UK #34)
  • “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys” / “Ain’t Got Nothing to Give You” – (1970) (UK #9)



From Songfacts

Originally, this was the B-side of The Equals’ “Hold Me Closer” single. That record did not capture much attention, but in early 1968 this was released as a single in Germany, where it rose to #1. After it subsequently topped the charts in Belgium and Holland the song was finally reissued in the UK, where it soared to #1.

The Equals were a pop group formed in England in 1965 by Derv Gordan (vocals), his twin brother Lincoln (guitar), Grant (guitar), John Hall (drums) and Pat Lloyd (guitar). They went on to have 12 more hits in Germany and two other UK Top 10 hits (“Viva Bobby Joe” and “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys”) before legal problems with the record company made it impossible to release any more records.

Baby Come Back

Come back 
Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 

This is the first time [unintelligible] today 
That you have run away 
I’m asking you for the first time 
Love me [unintelligible] stay (all right) 

Hey (all right) 
Hey (all right!) 
Hey, yeah 
Come back 

Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 

There ain’t no use in you crying 
‘Cause I’m more hurt than you 
I shoulda not been out flirting 
But now my love is true 

Ooh (all right) 
Ooh (OK!) 
Ooh, yeah 
Come back 

Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 
Baby, come back 
Come back, baby, don’t you leave me 

Baby, baby, please don’t go 
Oh, won’t you give me a second chance 
Baby, I love you so (all right) 
Oh (oh, yeah) 

Oh (unintelligible) 
Oh, yeah 
Come back 
I said baby, come back 

I said baby, come back 
Oh won’t you please come back 
Oh won’t you please come back [Repeat until fade]



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

13 thoughts on “The Equals – Baby Come Back”

    1. I must admit…I never heard this until I ran across it looking for old power pop…this is not old power pop but the Eddy Grant appearance surprised me.

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  1. Great song. It was a top 10 in Canada too, and though I don’t remember when it was on the charts, it was one of the late-’60s tracks that Toronto AM radio played a fair bit through the ’70s. Always liked it but only fairly recently realized it was Eddy Grant’s band, though once you know, you really hear it.

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    1. You know I hadn’t heard it hardly at all. I listened to it and it was good but then I saw the Eddy Grant angle…wow…I would have never guessed.


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