The Devil and Daniel Webster 1941

Also known as “All That Money Can Buy” was released in 1941 by RKO Radio Pictures.

One of my favorite old movies. I do like fantasy movies and this one doesn’t need spinning heads or special effects of cities melting. It’s also patriotic back before cynism kicked in too much. The movie is black and white and they do a great job retelling the old story. It opens with Jabez Stone, his wife Mary Stone, and his Mom in an old farmhouse. Everything that can go wrong… does for Jabez.

He then meets “Scratch” (The Devil) inside of his barn and then is one of the many talked into the proverbial deal for his soul. The cast assembled for this movie is perfect. Not a bad performance in the movie. Edward Arnold is convincing as the popular congressman and senator, Daniel Webster. The 1940s had some of the best character actors of any era. Walter Huston as the Devil was played chillingly and brilliantly.

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Not trying to give much away but it comes down to a battle between Daniel Webster and the Devil over Jabez’s soul. The jury is the jury of the dammed. The movie is defiantly worth a watch.

The movie was based on a short story by Stephen Vincent Benét.

The Cast per Wiki

  • Edward Arnold as Daniel Webster
  • Walter Huston as Mr. Scratch
  • James Craig as Jabez Stone
  • Anne Shirley as Mary Stone
  • Jane Darwell as Ma Stone
  • Simone Simon as Belle
  • Gene Lockhart as Squire Slossum
  • John Qualen as Miser Stevens
  • H. B. Warner as Justice John Hathorne
  • Alec Craig as Eli Higgins
  • George Cleveland as Cy Bibber
  • Lindy Wade as Daniel Stone
  • Jeff Corey as Tom Sharp (uncredited)
  • Carl Stockdale as Van Brooks (uncredited)


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    1. They are slower paced but sometimes that is a good thing. I like modern movies…but some try to pack in more than is needed in the time frame.

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