John Lennon – Mind Games

I bought this in the late seventies at Port ‘O’ Call Records in Nashville. One of my favorites of John’s radio hits. It was released in 1973 and peaked at #18 in the Billboard 100, #26 in the UK and #11 in Canada.

Mind Games is not my absolute favorite song on the Mind Games album…my favorite would be “I Know, I Know.” but this song was the only single released from it.

Usually, I don’t mention much about the video…but this one is great if you like John Lennon.

From Songfacts.

This was the only single released from Lennon’s Mind Games album, which was a modest success but nowhere near as popular as his Beatles output. This song has held up well, getting significant airplay on a variety of radio formats. In a 1998 interview with Uncut, Yoko Ono posited that the song may have been ahead of its time. “I think that people didn’t quite get the message because this was again before its time,” she said. “Now, people would understand it. I don’t think in those days people knew that they were playing mind games anyway.”
This started off as a song called “Make Love Not War,” which had a strong antiwar sentiment. Lennon eventually abandoned that theme and wrote an entirely different lyric to the melody.

Mind Games

We’re playing those mind games together
Pushing the barriers planting seeds
Playing the mind guerrilla
Chanting the Mantra peace on earth
We all been playing those mind games forever
Some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil
Doing the mind guerrilla
Some call it magic the search for the grail

Love is the answer and you know that for sure
Love is a flower
You got to let it, you gotta let it grow

So keep on playing those mind games together
Faith in the future out of the now
You just can’t beat on those mind guerrillas
Absolute elsewhere in the stones of your mind
Yeah we’re playing those mind games forever
Projecting our images in space and in time

Yes is the answer and you know that for sure
Yes is surrender
You got to let it, you gotta let it go

So keep on playing those mind games together
Doing the ritual dance in the sun
Millions of mind guerrillas
Putting their soul power to the karmic wheel
Keep on playing those mind games forever
Raising the spirit of peace and love

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

26 thoughts on “John Lennon – Mind Games”

    1. It is a great song. It’s one of those songs that radio doesn’t wear out to me. I really like that video with John interacting with those kids.

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  1. Great song! One of my favorites of his. I no longer seem to hear his music in general on regular pop or ‘oldies’ radio- occasionally “Imagine” but that’s about all. A shame. Sir Paul keeps getting richer by the day on play of “Live & Let Die” and “Silly Love Songs” though!


  2. Great song- under rated album… how about that game? I went to bed at 930- had to get up at 330- anyway woke up at 230- checked the final score- and it was 2-2 15th inning- turned the tv on and watched until the end. Crazy! Hopefully even it up tonight.

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    1. Of course I was watching it critically and I was being driven up the wall with the missed chances…It was epic no doubt!
      Walker pitched his best game ever. I’m so glad they drafted him…he could be something special.
      Hopefully they stole some of the momentum back.

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      1. I am hoping Bueller goes on to have some big years I have him in my NL fantasy league- it’s a keeper league. I should have him for the next 4-5 years if things work out… They need to sweep in LA.

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      2. I think he will be good. The only knock is his size but they said that about Pedro…
        Yes you are right. Winning just one will make it that much harder in Boston

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      3. Having to win both games in Boston- it could happen but i’d like their chances going in if they only had to win 1. That seems do-able. One game at a time though right!

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      4. Right! Last night will effect both teams some…it will be interesting. They are starting Freese tonight…I’m glad. He is good under pressure.

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      5. Hill did his job- the following 6 relievers all gave up at least one run. going to be tough to come back now after blowing this the way they did.

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      6. Yes it is… Now I am already reading about fans wanting a new manager! Incredible. I didn’t like some of the moves but geez. In todays game I guess it comes with it

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      7. The only thing I can say as far as their chances go- being a Pirates fan I eye witnessed a Game 4 that was just as bad. Down 2 games to 1 vs Orioles in 1979- up 4-0 and in the 8th up 6-3 the Orioles scored 6 in the 8th to win 9-6- I can still see John Lowenstein and Terry Crowley both hitting pinch-hit doubles off of Tekulve knocking in runs that inning- a never ending inning. Pirates down 3 games to 1. They won the next three games. Of course they had something to rally behind. The next morning they found out Chuck Tanner’s mother had passed. . When they won game 5 it was nice but I recall walking away thinking now its on to Baltimore and need two more wins. and well they did it…. No matter what happens I don’t think Roberts loses his job but who knows.

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      8. Their odds went down tonight but they could do it…The Cubs did it also in 2016
        Now that you bring it up I remember that Tanner’s mom died. Tekulve has always been one of my favorite relief pitchers of all time. He had that look.
        No he shouldn’t be gone. His option is coming up…I’m sure they will pick it up. I told someone…I would rather be the Buffalo Bills than the Padres…It’s hard getting there.

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      9. In June I was at a Dodger- Pirates game and one of the friends I went with- who is a fan but let’s say- he never played the game at any level…. anyway he was going on about how bad the Dodgers were and weren’t they in the World Series last year.. and I told him how they were hit with injuries etc– i think at the time 4 /5ths of the opening week starters were out and Caleb Ferguson was starting and making his major league debut…. considering where they were I think its a great accomplishment to be in the World Series…it wasn’t an easy road… They still have a loaded team for the future it’s not like the 1992 Pirates who I knew were in for a rebuild after losing Bonds [little did I think it would be a 20 year rebuild.} The Red Sox are a pretty good team they aren’t losing to the Orioles.

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      10. Oh that “rebuild” was crazy.
        Turner being hurt really hurt the offense…but you are right. They are loaded…I’m looking forward to seeing Verdugo and Toles playing. The good thing is their “window” is still open and in no danger of shutting soon…Kershaw will be a question mark. He will opt out but I believe they will resign him.

        You are right…it’s amazing that they are here to begin with.

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      11. off topic…btw that was terrible what happened today in Pittsburgh…just awful. Nashville had a few last year and this year in a couple of churchs.

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      12. Yes we are away for the weekend [another Gettysburg trip} and I saw flashes of the news during the day and each report was worse than the one before. . Terrible. Hate certainly isn’t the answer.

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      13. I’ll let you be now…Hope you had a good time….yes hate destroys. When we go now to church I actually keep an eye out at the door. That is crazy in itself. Have a good one.

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      1. It’s funny because he hated his own voice. He wanted it echoed or covered up. I think it was the most pure rock voice out there.

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      2. He was no doubt. I’ve read where he was called by people the most down to earth rock star…but…he also had that rapier wit. Yes he could be an arse and that is putting it kindly.

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