Tom Snyder – The Tomorrow Show

People seem to have really liked Tom Snyder or really disliked him. I’ve watched many of Tom’s interviews and he is quirky and quick to laugh (and laugh) at his own jokes but many of his interviews are remembered. The show lasted from 1973 to 1982. It was canceled to make room for David Letterman.

This was no Tonight Show. You didn’t see skits or monologues, you only saw Tom interviewing his guests and joking with his off-camera assistants. He wasn’t hip nor was he completely square. Someone called him at the time a hip square. It was just him and his guest on a dark set.

I liked Tom because he seemed real and genuine. He could laugh at himself and conducted some really good interviews. After this show ended he did a radio show out of Los Angeles, a few tv guest appearances and he guest hosted the David Letterman Show a few times.

David Letter quote

“Tom was the very thing that all broadcasters long to be — compelling,” “Whether he was interviewing politicians, authors, actors or musicians, Tom was always the real reason to watch. I’m honored to have known him as a colleague and a friend.”

One of the many SNL skits I liked was Dan Aykroyd imitating Tom Snyder…this is Aykroyd as Tom interviewing Mick Jagger.

Image result for dan aykroyd tom snyder impression

The John Lennon interview in 1975. This would be the last TV interview he gave. John is battling his immigration status and has his lawyer Leon Wildes with him to explain what is going on. John comes off open and honest in this interview.


The Saturday Night Live cast before the first show. This is a partial look at the interview.


This is one a good one. Tom has KISS as guests and I just love how a drunk Ace Frehley (The Trout Player) takes over the interview and infuriates Gene Simmons. You can see Gene’s eyes shooting daggers at Ace and Peter.


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19 thoughts on “Tom Snyder – The Tomorrow Show”

    1. Oh I would also. I don’t understand the dislike for him… I liked how you got to know the guest. Carson, Letterman, and Leno you didn’t as much…Snyder and Cavett took the time…

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      1. He seemed to get a kick out of things and not take himself too seriously…when they were parodying you on SNL back then you mattered….. I didn’t make it to the end but congrats on your Dodgers evening things up.

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  1. I didn’t like his show when I was little, but I think I was just too young to appreciate the format. Ackroyd’s spoofs actually made me understand him better. Then it was great when Letterman moved to CBS, and brought Snyder with him to the spot after Letterman’s show. Snyder seemed surprised and thrilled to be back on TV.

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    1. Yes he was not an entertainer like the rest…I started to watch him when I was around 13 or so. I do remember after John Lennon was killed he replayed the interview the next night. That is when I started to watch.
      He seemed like a geniune guy.

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      1. John is so open and honest…it is really good.

        Oh if you ever get a chance to hear Keep Me In Your Heart by Zevon tell me what you think…I will admit it gets to me everytime I hear it…because he knew he was dying.


  2. That back of the throat laugh he did made you laugh with him. He had crazy punk rocker Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics on his show. I’m surprised he would have had anyone like that on his show. She was crazy.

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