A Look at The Andy Griffith Show

There has been so much written about this show and the writing will never stop. It was a show about the quirky citizens in a fictional town called Mayberry. The Andy Griffith Show is not just another show. The series will be around long after we are gone and still being discovered by future generations.

Some of the love I have for the show is about escapism. The low pressure of living in Mayberry where you are allowed to live slow and friends are only a few miles away. Nowadays our lives are so full of technology and rush that it would be tempting to walk through the screen.

Mayberry was based on a small North Carolina town called Mount Airey where Andy grew up. Griffith has also said that although the show was in the sixties, Mayberry had a 1930s-1940s feel to it.

Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were a great comedy team. I wish they would have made a few movies together. Knotts wanted to do that but Griffith always backed away from it. You can put them up there with other great comedy teams. Andy was a great straight man and Don played off of him so well.

I’ve seen parents play episodes to their kids for lessons, schools play episodes for students and heard of preachers writing sermons around episodes. The humor wasn’t dirty but it wasn’t sterile either. Most if not all of the first 5 season episodes are classics.

The show offered a little of everything… One of the things I liked was the bluegrass music of The Dillards who appeared on the show as the Darlings. Denver Pyle played Briscoe Darling Jr. and played the jug with the Dillards.

Seasons 1-5 were in Black and White with Don Knotts as Barney Fife. Don’s last season was the 5th season and seasons 6-8 were in color.  I have all of the Griffith Show episodes but I will admit…I don’t really watch the color episodes as much as the black and white ones. Yes, there are some good later episodes but it’s Andy. He walks around Mayberry like he is owed money. Andy later admitted on many of the later episodes he was going through the motions.

He started to get a little tenser on screen in the 5th season but Barney was still there and kept things light. In the 6th season with Barney gone, Andy acted impatient with his fellow odd citizens where at one time he enjoyed them.

It was one of the most successful television shows ever. The Series went out on top and had a successful spinoff called Mayberry RFD.

In the early 70s Mayberry RFD and other shows such as  The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres, Mister Ed, Lassie, Petticoat Junction, and Hee Haw were canceled because of the rural purge the network did… everything that had a tree got canceled it seemed.



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23 thoughts on “A Look at The Andy Griffith Show”

  1. Barney Fife is the best character in television sitcom history. The decision for Andy to be the straight man off of Barney was the decision that made the show great. Andy changed after season 1 and so did the show- for the better. Season 1 Andy was going for the laughs and it seemed like every episode he was on the front porch with his guitar singing. Once Barney left the show was still good but not quite as great as with Barney. Barney was the key to the show -like George Costanza on Seinfeld. … My wife pointed this out to me- the next time you watch an episode more likely than not Andy will get upset and be yelling at someone. I’d not noticed that until she pointed it out to me.

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    1. Barney equaled everything out. Without Barney it was a good sitcom but with him it was a great show.
      My wife and I still will binge a night or two. I can usually watch it anytime… 1-5 anyway.

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      1. It seems like it is on television all the time. I have the DVD’s but usually just watch it off tv -since it is usually on. When nothing else is on- put it on Andy. Great great show.

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      2. I just read somewhere that in 2016 it ranked the 60th place in shows watched that year…and we are talking about a show that has been defunct since the 60s.

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      3. That is impressive. The Beatles of television shows.. it is a show everyone seems to know- how many kids know many shows from the 60’s? If I mentioned the Dick Van Dyke Show to a 13 year old they wouldn’t have a clue- Andy I am sure they would know.

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      4. The only other one that I know for some odd reason…is Gilligan’s Island. It just keeps going for some odd reason. One of Bailey’s friends just watches that show constantly.
        Of course in writing and everything else it doesn’t hold a candle to the AGS…I can’t explain Gilligan’s Islands appeal.

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      5. Gilligan wasn’t a big hit originally… and it was on what 3 seasons? Yeah I don’t get that either. Growing up of course I watched it but I don’t think of it as a great show. Probably the Gilligan character is why everyone knows it… Did you ever see the episode where The Professor finds a way to get off the island but Gilligan messes it up in the end?

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      6. Oh yea! Every show….
        I guess it was the appeal of the idea. Only 3 seasons and it stayed on because they were going to cancel Gunsmoke but decided against it. Smart move.
        I watched it also as a kid.

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      7. There were shows as a kid- when it got into the dog days of summer and it was too hot to go play ball- the afternoon was Gilligan- Gomer- and that like.

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      8. Sgt. Carter I agree was the key to the show. They played off of each other so well. Another show that ended not by being cancelled but by the decision of the star to pull the plug.

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      9. This time last year- we stayed in Clarksville one night on our way back from vacation. Didn’t know much about him other than he died of a heart attack.

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      10. Its all about military with the Fort Campbell there…I”ve seen him on Gunsmoke, Have Gun will Travel and other shows recently that I didn’t know he was on.

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  2. They never really explained what happened to Andy’s wife and Opie’s mother. We knew she died but that’s about it. They mentioned in the first year that Barney and Andy were cousins but after that I don’t recall them saying anything about it.

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  3. I loved how they ‘managed’ the different characters in town. The town drunk let himself in and out of jail, with the keys hanging on the wall. Being eccentric or not at full mental capacity didn’t get you treated like a hardened criminal. It got you managed according to the situation. But when there was a truly menacing criminal, Andy was shrewd, and brave. And Barney was Barney, hehe.

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    1. Everyone had a quirk. I liked Floyd also…. but yes the bad criminals were usually caught twice by Andy because of Barney but they were always treated right. I can watch those episodes over and over…and do

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