Keith Richards – Take It So Hard

When I heard this song with the opening riff coming from that 5 string G turning that he is known for I loved it. I bought the album Talk is Cheap which some reviews half-jokingly called it the best Rolling Stones album in years. The song got plenty of play on rock stations at the time. It peaked at #3 in the Mainstream Rock Tracks.

The album was recorded in a period where Mick and Keith were feuding with each other about the direction of the Stones. They were not recording or playing live. “You Don’t Move Me Anymore” off of the album points at right at Mick.

Personally, I’ve always liked Keith Richards voice. Happy, Salt of the Earth, You Got the Silver, Before They Make Me Run rank with my favorite Stones songs. This song would fit on any Stones album.

The band Keith put together was great.
Keith Richards: lead and background vocal, guitar
Waddy Wachtel: guitar
Steve Jordan: background vocal, bass
Charley Drayton: drums
Ivan Neville: piano and keyboards

“Take It So Hard”
Giving up lovin’, easy to do
People so pitiful they never come through
Honey, honey, honey, I ain’t that way
(You want a little bit) once in a while, come on and get a bit
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah) you shouldn’t take it (yeah)
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)

Take a look around you, tell me, what do you see?
People with little bits try, tryin’ to smile
Most of what you’ve gotten is free (yeah)
(Yeah) you shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)

You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah) you shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)

Yank it up baby or go get yourself a new name
You want a little bit once in a while, yeah you got a taste for it
You shouldn’t take it (yeah) you shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)

You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)
You shouldn’t take it so hard (yeah)

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “Keith Richards – Take It So Hard”

  1. personal Stones trivia– the Rolling Stones played a concert at a smallish hockey arena in my old hometown when I was a tween.I think it was ’79. I did’t go- I was young, and probably wouldn’t have spent my allowance that way if I’d had the chance- but it was big news in the city. The kicker- they did it as a court ordered penalty for Keith who’d been found guilty of drug possession. Basically it was perform a concert for charity or go to jail. Happily for fans, he chose the concert and the rest of the band showed up too

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  2. Good tune off a great album. I don’t have Talk is Cheap but I do have Main Offender. I think both are classic. I agree that both are better than any of The Stones albums since Tattoo You. Richards wrote most of the songs on Talk is Cheap for The Stones but Jagger was off doing his sub par solo stuff and Richards got tired off it. The X-pensive Winos are tight. Steve Jordan is a fantastic drummer.

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