Jimmy Buffet – Come Monday

This song was written by Buffet and released in 1973 and peaked at #30 in the Billboard 100, #23 in Canada and #58 in the Country Charts. The song was off of Living & Dying in ¾ Time and the album was Buffet’s first album to reach the top 200 at #176.

Come Monday was his first top 40 hit. I’ve been a fan of Buffet for years. Going to his concert is like going to a giant party. I don’t know if I’m a  Parrothead but I have seen him twice and his concerts are fun. If you like tailgating before the concert… this is the man to see.

He has some good songs like Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, A Pirate Looks at 40, and Margaritaville…this one is probably my favorite.


From Songfacts.

The downside to Jimmy Buffett’s musical lifestyle is the time he has to spend away from his family. He wrote this song for his wife, who he was missing while on tour. When he sings the first line, “Headed out to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend show,” he’s talking about a specific concert in 1973.

The single version of the song replaces the third line, “I’ve got my Hush Puppies on,” with “I’ve got my hiking shoes on.” Some broadcast outlets, including the BBC, would not play songs with brand names in the lyrics, something that forced an edit on the Kinks song “Lola.”

Come Monday

Headin’ up to San Francisco
For the Labor Day weekend show,
I’ve got my hush-puppies on,
I guess I never was meant for
Glitter rock and roll.
And honey I didn’t know
That I’d be missin’ you so.
Come Monday It’ll be all right,
Come Monday I’ll be holding you tight.
I spent four lonely days in a brown L.A. haze
And I just want you back by my side.
Yes it’s been quite a summer,
Rent-a-cars and west bound trains.
And now you’re off on vacation,
Somethin’ you tried to explain.
And darlin’ I love you so that’s
The reason I just let you go.
Come Monday It’ll be all right,
Come Monday I’ll be holding you tight.
I spent four lonely days in a brown L.A. haze
And I just want you back by my side.
I can’t help it honey,
You’re that much a part of me now.
Remember the night in Montana when
We said there’d be no room for doubt.
I hope you’re enjoyin’ the scenery,
I know that it’s pretty up there.
We can go hikin on Tuesday,
With you I’d walk anywhere.
California has worn me quite thin,
I just can’t wait to see you again.
Come Monday It’ll be all right,
Come Monday I’ll be holding you tight.
I spent four lonely days in a brown L.A. haze
And I just want you back by my side.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

18 thoughts on “Jimmy Buffet – Come Monday”

  1. I have his box set but nothing else- this is a good song. I think the current group of country music posers should have to pay him at least 10% of their income- he wrote the book- this is not knocking Buffett- but the fake country artists of today who sing about the beach and the island escapism lifestyle- Buffett did it first and they are ripping him off. Again not a knock at Buffett- I don’t consider him a country artist but these jokers who want to pose as country – 10% of your intake goes to Jimmy. I hate modern country music [the popular stuff there are real country artists out there} That’s all I have to say about that- to quote Forrest Gump.

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    1. I don’t consider him country either. He was somewhere but not really country but I agree with you.
      They new country is gimmicky and just down right bad but people are eating it up…I just don’t understand.
      Buffet was Buffet…he was different but yes he has inspired some bad imitators. Buffett never took his self seriously…that is a big difference. The man wrote Door Number 3 and Peanut Butter Conspiracy so he doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not unlike today’s country artists.

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      1. He can’t be blamed for the imitators. I think others saw how he made such a success out of what he was doing- and well there is the formula for me- I will just copy it to a degree..

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      2. I don’t know where I would place him but not country. I think a lot of this country music copying has to do with the audience- young people have since Barf Brooks been sold a bill of goods- they wouldn’t know country music if they heard it for the most part- and these Buffett wanna-be’s- have hit an audience. They have made money. To me they are all interchangeable- i can’t tell one from the other.

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      3. and the ones that are really on the mark…at least some are not given a chance.
        Oh…Brooks…When I first heard him in the 90s…swear to you I thought it was a parody of someone doing country. I really did…

        lol it really was

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      4. I can remember the first time I heard him. I was in a record shop and I’ve Got Friends In Low Places -came on- I thought is this Hank Williams Jr?

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      5. Sadly- it is probably his best song! I can’t recall the book I read years ago- on country music- where Waylon summed him up well- calling him the most insincere person he had ever met– talking about how Barf could get tears in his eyes- paying tribute to someone who he didn’t know- or know anything about. His music is awful. I never understood the attraction.

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      6. The appeal…I think was acting like a rock star in concerts…he combined the theatrics of rock into country… since it was “country” it was accepted…Wow that is strong coming from a real legit country artist.
        Just terrible bland music.

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      7. I think you got it- he talked about Kiss and James Taylor being his idols- I think while his music is awful- he was smart as to knowing his audience… one of the biggest fiascos in music history had to be the Chris Gaines album- he lost his fan base with that and his confidence.

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      8. I almost forgot about that…again he was trying to incorporate rock. He tried rock but of course it didn’t work and then went to country.
        He is one of them to blame for country’s sorry state right now.

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      9. I place a lot of blame on him. There were other artists who came out around that time who were country artists- Alan Jackson was around the same time as Barf- and before them a few years Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett- Steve Earle for a couple albums- but Barf hit correctly on the formula that would draw from outside the normal country audience. If he goes on tour its a sell out but no one has cared much for the new music he has made since his comeback from his ‘retirement'”

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      10. I really liked Dwight Yoakam and of course Steve Earle… Steve Earle is something else…I would not classify him just as country…he is more than that…but I know what you are saying.
        Cheap theatrics and gullible people.

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      11. I was meaning Steve’s first two albums- that did well on the country charts and he was having country hits- before he went rock with Copperhead Road. He made the right choice in blowing it up. He was too controversial to stay country…. I think one thing Brooks got wrong in his master plan- he over exposed himself. Even his fans were ready to move on to someone else- and that Chris Gaines gave them a reason. I have read about how obsessed he is in selling albums-remember when he packaged all this albums in a box and sold them for something like $20 total at Wallyworld? All to boost the numbers.

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      12. You have that right that he overexposed himself. I do remember country fans…the newer fans… went crazy over him…and then he just was gone.

        I knew the concept idea was not going to work in country…just wasn’t.

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