The James Gang – Midnight Man

This is a beautiful song by The James Gang. It Peaked at #80 in 1971. The song is from their album “Thirds.”

Joe Walsh sang with Mary Sterpka and if you have never heard it…it is worth a listen.

This is from Allmusic.

One of the band’s own personal favorites, “Midnight Man” was easily one of the highlights of the Thirds album, the group’s last with guitarist Joe Walsh. A simple and slightly sentimental ballad, the song is an excellent example of Walsh’s overall charm and style. Ostensibly about a clandestine affair, there is a strong and sweet atmosphere here, which is highlighted by guest vocalist Mary Sterpka’s lovely harmonies. A strong Buffalo Springfield/Poco-inspired, country-rock feel highlights this tune, which is a cult favorite of James Gang fans, and for good reason.



Midnight Man

I’m the midnight man
I do what I can
To make sure that I am
The midnight man
Midnight man’s on time
Everything is fine
All the words in rhyme
With everything[solo]Midnight man, you’re pretty
Midnight man, you’re fine
Midnight man, be careful
Midnight man
Midnight man, be mine






Author: badfinger20 (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

9 thoughts on “The James Gang – Midnight Man”

  1. I’ve not heard this in years, it’s a very nice song. I managed to see James Gang at the Lyceum (I think in the early 70s, but not sure it was at the gig that I found listed with Joe Jammer and Bell and Arc. I wish my memory was better.

    My favourite James Gang song is The Bomber:

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    1. I always thought it was a good song. Not many people here remembered it which surprised me. I love Joe to death…a very humble and funny guy.
      I’ve only seen Joe once…not with the James Gang though…and certainly not in that atmosphere.
      When I saw Ringo…Joe came out as a guest. He is Ringo’s brother in law.

      I didn’t know that song…sounds great though. You are giving me a lot of ideas about songs to post.


      1. He’s Ringo’s Brother in Law? I didn’t know that.

        Likewise with the ideas for posts.

        Also – if you don’t already know them, look out for a band called Steamhammer. The usual track on youtube is Junior’s Wailing, but try to go beyond that. They were one of my most fave bands in the early 70s.

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      2. Yes…Joe is married to Barbara Bach’s sister. It was a treat to finally see him.

        Thank you I sure will. I knew I had heard “Dear Jill” somewhere…and I did…it was in the movie “Almost Famous.”

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      1. Yep, the bass on that is phenomenal! I’m pretty sure it was Louis Cennamo. He also played with Keith Relf’s later band and in fact I saw Steamhammer when Keith Relf was singing with them at one Steamhammer gig – probably The Marquee.

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      2. Keith Relf is someone I want to know more about. Always liked his voice with the Yardbirds.
        The sixties singer I’ve come to think was one of the best is Steve Marriott. He had such a big voice.
        I was listening to that live track and they were blues with a touch of progressive. The musicianship was great.


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