The James Gang – Midnight Man

This is a beautiful song by The James Gang. It Peaked at #80 in 1971. The song is from their album “Thirds.”

Joe Walsh sang with Mary Sterpka and if you have never heard it…it is worth a listen.

This is from Allmusic.

One of the band’s own personal favorites, “Midnight Man” was easily one of the highlights of the Thirds album, the group’s last with guitarist Joe Walsh. A simple and slightly sentimental ballad, the song is an excellent example of Walsh’s overall charm and style. Ostensibly about a clandestine affair, there is a strong and sweet atmosphere here, which is highlighted by guest vocalist Mary Sterpka’s lovely harmonies. A strong Buffalo Springfield/Poco-inspired, country-rock feel highlights this tune, which is a cult favorite of James Gang fans, and for good reason.



Midnight Man

I’m the midnight man
I do what I can
To make sure that I am
The midnight man
Midnight man’s on time
Everything is fine
All the words in rhyme
With everything[solo]Midnight man, you’re pretty
Midnight man, you’re fine
Midnight man, be careful
Midnight man
Midnight man, be mine






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