Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her

Anything Stevie does I like. Sometimes when I hear a song it takes a few times for me to like it but this one…hooked me the first time. This song peaked at #2 on the Billboard 100, #5 in Canada and #5 in the UK Charts in 1967.

The song was written by Wonder,   Lula Mae Hardaway , Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy. Lula Mae Haraway was Stevie Wonder’s mother.

There is some dispute on who played bass on this song… songfacts

Who played bass on this track is a matter of dispute. Motown used top Los Angeles studio musicians like Carol Kaye for some of their recordings at this time, but records of these sessions are either nonexistent or inaccurate, as certain union rules were bypassed to make them happen. Carol has a clear memory of playing on this track, and told us about it. Said Carol: “The first four bars were written, so that thing was pretty straight. The first bar was written to give me an indication of what they wanted the rest of the tune. And then another part I can remember was written – that triad lick was written. And I screwed that one up. (laughing) I mean, you always remember when you make a mistake on the hits. And I made plenty of mistakes, but the feel of the record was good. And that’s the main thing. So the rest, I was on my own. No problem, a lot of chromatics and just aiming for the triads and stuff.”

Refuting Carol’s claims is Allan Slutsky, author of Standing In The Shadows of Motown. His research shows that James Jamerson, who was the bass player of the Motown house band The Funk Brothers, played the bass on this track. All Motown associates he contacted, including the Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team, said it was Jamerson, and Hank Crosby, who co-wrote and did production on this song, signed an affidavit saying that the bass line was performed by Jamerson.

“I Was Made To Love Her”

I was born in Lil’ Rock,
Had a childhood sweetheart,
We were always hand in hand.I was hightop shoes and shirt tails,
Suzy was in pig tails,
I know I loved her even then.You know my papa disapproved it,
My mama boohooed it,
But I told them time and time again,
“Don’t you know I was made to love her,
Built a world all around her”
Yah! Hey, hey, hey.

She’s been my inspiration,
Showed appreciation
For the love I gave her through the years.

Like a sweet magnolia tree
My love blossmed tenderly,
My life grew sweeter through the years.

I know that my baby loves me,
My baby needs me,
That’s why we made it through the years.

I was made to love her,
Worship and adore her,
Hey, hey, hey.

All through thick and thin
Our love just won’t end,
‘Cause I love my baby, love my baby. Ah!

My baby loves me,
My baby needs me,
And I know I ain’t going nowhere.

I was knee high to a chicken
When that love bug bit me,
I had the fever with each passing year.

Oh, even if the mountain tumbles,
If this whole world crumbles,
By her side I’ll still be standing there.

‘Cause I was made to love her,
I was made to live for her, yeah!

Ah, I was made to love her,
Built my world all around her,
Hey, hey, hey.

Oo baby, I was made to please her,
You know Stevie ain’t gonna leave her, no,
Hey, hey, hey.

Oo wee baby, my baby loves me,
My baby needs me,
Hey, hey, hey.

OO my baby loves me….

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

6 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder – I Was Made To Love Her”

  1. I am a big Stevie Wonder fan too. It has always puzzled me why he has only released 3 albums now in 30 years- his last being 13 years ago? I have never read anything about this either which is just as curious. He was pretty much done- as far as new music goes when he was in his mid 30’s. I know he is still visible and does concerts etc. I remember in the late 80’s the excuse was he was working so hard for getting an MLK Day but that is long past now. Maybe he is another one who has said all he has to say?

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    1. He did so much since he was so young…you might be right. He worked so much that he might want to live like a normal human being… and the drive isn’t there.
      What a talented man

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are right- he had his great success- he’s made his money- enjoy life. Plus how could anything he did rival what he accomplished especially in the 1970’s.

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  2. Big fan too. Love this song and some of his 60s material, think his ’70s work was superb, listen to his ‘Original Musicquarium’ greatest hits often, not as much a fan of a lot of his later work. But his work upto 1980 or so alone certifies him as one of the greats or our lifetimes

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