A Couple of Songs by the Jayhawks

I first found out about this group in 2000 with “I’m Going to Make You Love Me” and from there I found an older song by them called “Blue.” I regret I didn’t notice them in the 1980s and 90s when they started.

They recently backed Ray Davies on his albums Americana and Our Country – Americana Act II. Their 2016 album Paging Mr. Proust was produced by Peter Buck of REM.

They formed in Minneapolis–Saint Paul in 1985 and played alternative country rock. They have released 10 studio albums and are worth checking out. Below are two songs… I’m Going to Make You Love Me (#40 in the adult contemporary chart) and Blue (#33 in Canada).

They combine country, folk, rock, and pop with good harmonies.

I’m Gonna to Make You Love Me – 2000

Blue – 1995


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12 thoughts on “A Couple of Songs by the Jayhawks”

    1. I was totally blind to them till 2000. I’ve listened to many of their songs but not as much as I want to. That is why I didn’t write a lot about them…I just found out about the Ray Davies albums.

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      1. Oh Cool… My son just picked up The Wire 1st season… When you watch the first episode of Life On Mars you will know if you will like it a lot or not…

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      2. Just finished episode 1 I like it- will pick up with episode 2 tomorrow! Very good!! The soundtrack great also.


      3. I worked from home today because of my back… I’m now walking again without it locking so I should be good tomorrow. I’m wide awake lol. Have a good one. I”m glad you liked it.

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      4. If you really like it…the sequel can be next. It continues….Ashes to Ashes…the creator really likes Bowie!


  1. Great topic! Their harmonies, lyrics and tunes that don’t go quite where you think they are headed. I wish I knew more about this band. ‘Blue’ and ‘A Break in the Clouds’ had a permanent spot on my earliest mp3 players. The listen to Blue just now had me pulling up ‘A Break’, because I’m used to hearing them back to back. 🙂 I’m Gonna Make You Love Me has a fun tempo.

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    1. Like you I wanna know more about them…that is the reason I didn’t write a lot about them. I can hear a little Byrds in them and a lot of influences. They are so melodic… Thanks for the comment…

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