Oddest Concert Pairings

I have always liked odd mixtures. Anything out of the norm and I pay attention. That is why I blog about the past more than today. I liked the 60’s and 70’s era because houses, cars, and music were for the most part unique. I couldn’t tell a Ford from a Chevy today. A lot of new houses look just alike in cloned neighborhoods.

I would have loved to have been at one of these concerts.

Jimi Hendrix / Monkees 1967 – This is number one on my list. Can you imagine the young Monkee fans hearing the sonic volume of Jimi Hendrix? Jimi had to play while a bunch of 12-year-old girls screamed “We want the Monkees” and “We want Davy. ” It was the sixties and Peter Tork said: “It didn’t cross anybody’s mind that it wasn’t gonna fly.”

The Who / Herman Hermits 1967 – Smash your guitars and drums and Hope I die before I get Old and then Mrs Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter?… You can imagine Peter Noone tripping over shards of guitars every night.

Lynyrd Skynyrd / Queen 1974 – This one is a head-scratcher. The theatrical Queen and the southern boys from Florida just don’t seem a great match. Roger Taylor of Queen had some ugly things to say about Lynyrd Skynyrd later on.

Bruce Springsteen / Anne Murray 1974 – This one is baffling. Anne Murray’s managers demanded that Bruce open the show for Anne in NYC! They argued she was more successful and she was…but this was New York and Bruce Springsteen…what a fatal mistake…halfway through Bruce’s set Anne’s managers regretted their decision. Many of the audience had left by the time Anne took the stage.

The Ramones/Toto 1979 – This one doesn’t make sense at all…what promoter thought this through? The laid-back ToTo fans sat through the Ramones but Toto singer Bobby Kimball, came out and apologized to the crowd for the “horrible band” they had to sit through.

Cher/Gregg Allman 1977 – Yes they were married but what an odd concert to go to. You have Gregg who was one of the best blues singers at that time and Cher…who was Cher…Gregg Allman mentions in his book “My Cross to Bear” that the audience was mixed…some with tuxedos and some with denim jackets and backpacks and there were fights at each show on the tour between the two sets of fans.

Gregg Allman

“It was right after that—the tuxedos against the backpacks, because I think the Allman Brothers outnumbered the Sonny and Chers—that Cher came to me, and the poor thing was just crying. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me, “We’ve got to cancel the rest of the tour, because I can’t stand the fighting.” So we ended it right then, which was about halfway through it. We went home the next day, and that was the last time I ever played with her.”

The Ramones / Ted Nugent, Aerosmith 1979 – Bottles and debris were thrown at The Ramones from the crowd as Johnny Ramone was shooting birds at the audience. 

Johnny Ramone about this concert…

“About five or six songs into the set, the whole crowd stood up, and I thought it had started to rain. Dee Dee thought the same thing, but they were throwing stuff at us – sandwiches, bottles, everything. Then, all of a sudden, I broke two strings on my guitar in one strum. I thought it was a sign from God to get off the stage, because I’d rarely break a string, maybe once a year. So I just walked to the front of the stage, stopped playing, and gave the audience the finger – with both hands. I stood there like that, flipping them off, with both hands out, and walked off. The rest of the band kept playing for another ten or fifteen seconds until they’d realized I was walking off, and then they did too. I wasn’t gonna stand there and be booed and have stuff thrown at us without retaliating in some way. We had to come off looking good somehow, and there was no good way to get out of that.”

Johnny Ramone.jpg





Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

14 thoughts on “Oddest Concert Pairings”

  1. When I saw the headline my first thought was Jimi and The Monkees but I think The Ramones and Toto and The Ramones and Ted-Aerosmith may be worse!

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      1. what is the wildest possible concert mismatch that never happened that you can think of- how about The Sex Pistols and Barry Manilow?

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  2. Two concert pairings that seem odd to me — Blondie opening for Rush and King Crimson opening for the Rolling Stones — and those really did happen. Also, I am not sure of this but I think I heard that Genesis opened for Lou Reed in the early 70s.

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  3. Haha! When I was a young teen (about 14 or 15) I loved The Walker Brothers – who became big in the UK, but not America despite the fact that all three of them were American – and one of the first gigs I went to of theirs, they were supported by Jimi Hendrix. It was the gig at which he set his guitar on fire on stage (and a little man ran on with a fire extinguisher to put it out!) None of us knew really what we were seeing or hearing, but I think our fanaticism for the W.Bros was such that we probably didn’t notice… which was a damn shame as I’d love to be able to say “I was there and enjoyed watching and hearing Jimi” but alas… I wasn’t there for him. Later of course, I got into him…

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    1. There is a blogger who is going through every UK #1 hit. He is in the late 60s now and the Walker Brothers showed up of course. I did remember The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore…I just didn’t know who did it.

      That pairing was just as odd as The Monkees and Jimi. I know it pissed Jimi off when the kids were yelling…We want the Monkees, We want the Monkees…
      In High School I had a graphic arts teacher who mentioned he saw Jimi in Memphis in 1969. The rest of the class was his story on getting to that concert.
      I have to credit the Monkees. I saw their show in 1975 with reruns and I was hooked. I wanted to play music after seeing them. Loved their music and my cousin let me borrow “Meet The Beatles”…the American version of With The Beatles. I was 8 and a new Beatles fan…because of the Monkees.


  4. Yeah, I also watched The Monkees! Loved the show while it lasted – not sure I could get into it now, though I do still like listening to some of the songs.

    After the Walker Brothers split, their main singer – Scott Engel – did solo shows, and one of the ones I went to, everyone was screaming so much, he eventually yelled into the mike “if you don’t stop and be quiet, I’m walking off.” Everyone was silent. That was a first!!

    I can’t imagine blogging every UK number 1…

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    1. The Monkees made it look fun being in a band…well that wasn’t all true! They don’t tell you about the back biting and the jealousy but overall it is fun.

      That is classic on what he yelled into the mike. He meant business…and he got it.

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  5. Haha! I can imagine some of those lineups!

    The one and only time I saw Jimi Hendrix live, he was supporting The Walker Brothers – who were the ones I went to see. It was the gig at which Hendrix set his guitar on fire – and I watched as a little guy ran on stage with a fire extinguisher to put it out. None of us knew what to make of Hendrix, but mostly because we couldn’t actually hear him as there was so much screaming (and I’m afraid I was one of the guilty ones! My friend and I swore we wouldn’t scream and agreed it was stupid, but our hormones got the better of us, I guess!)

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