The Spirit of 76 movie

This movie is a B movie all of the way…and it plays up that fact… It was released in 1990 and if you are wanting to watch something that spoofs the 1970s… This movie is for you.

This movie stars David Cassidy, Lief Garrett, Carl and Rob Reiner, and Olivia d’Abo… Citizen Kane, it is NOT. It’s a fun film about the future where all is gray and they lost every record because of a magnetic storm including the US Constitution. Adam-11 (David Cassidy) has built a time machine because he wants to go to a beach…beaches don’t exist anymore in the future… so the government wants him to use the time machine to go into the past to 1776 and get a copy of the US Constitution so they can rebuild their society with it. To make it work he needs a chemical that’s rare in the future… tetrahydrozoline.

The government agrees to give him some tetrahydrozoline but sends two more travelers Chanel-6 (d’Abo ),  Heinz 57 (Geoff Hoyle) with Adam-11 to retrieve the document…but instead of going back to 1776 the time machine malfunctions and goes to 1976.

Devo makes an appearance as the “Ministry of Knowledge”…

It’s a corny movie but they have the 70s down in many parts of the movie. After meeting up with two teenage stoners (The group Redd Kross) they look for the constitution but lose the tetrahydrozoline.(the main ingredient to a very popular item in the 70’s… Visine).

If you are looking for a second Gone with the Wind…don’t watch this but it’s funny and silly enough to entertain you.

You have to know a little about the 70s to get some of the jokes…Like David Cassidy’s character looking around a garage in 1976 asking “am I going to be stuck here forever?” while looking at a Partridge Family lunch box.

If you are bored try this one.

Author: badfinger20 (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

6 thoughts on “The Spirit of 76 movie”

  1. I have never heard of this movie. Interesting cast- the Reiner’s and Cassidy and Garrett and Devo… I wonder if the library system has this one..

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    1. Now this one is a B… but it will bring back memories for you. It’s corny but they know it. When I say you have to know about the 70s…you do… like the infamous Pinto car exploding when hit from behind… btw I hope you enjoy Bedazzled

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      1. It usually takes about a week or so to get delivery– so I am hoping by mid next week both movies are in. Can’t believe I never heard of Bedazzled…

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      2. I was just lucky to catch it when I did… It’s one of those films you have to listen carefully to get the small remarks…
        The Spirit of 76 takes me back because I remember my sister seeing David Cassidy and the Osmonds in 72 when I was really young and rode with my mom to drop her off…and in that year Stevie Wonder opened up for the Rolling Stones in the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville and who does she pick? Cassidy and the Osmonds.


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